Given the official licensed crossovers we’ve come to expect Dead in daylight, Slipknot and Iron MaidenThe cult mascot Eddie should appear in an asymmetrical form horror game in two upcoming collaborations.

The announcement was made as part of Behaviour’s annual anniversary celebrations in conjunction with the launch the new Dead by Daylight killerthe victim and the card, some much-needed quality-of-life changes, in particular survived to disable bots. This follows news that came out earlier in the week Nicolas Cage also appears in 4v1 as a survivor character. Hopefully these incredible announcements will bring life back to the community after the negative reception of the last few original characters.

Iron Maiden Dead by Daylight collaboration: Iron Maiden and DBD logo on a dark background.

Cosmetics have long been another point of contention in the DBD community, with some characters receiving more customization options than others, with fan favorite Heddi Kaur among those players feel have been neglected. While we’d love to see Iron Maiden’s Eddie as a killer character in the game, these two metal crossovers are currently limited to two new cosmetic packs.

Behavior revealed the collaboration out of sheer excitement, but note that they’re still in the early stages of development, so there’s no concept art yet. What we do know is that Iron Maiden’s avatar will feature the legendary Eddie, presumably on the shirts of the surviving characters. Here’s hoping the killers get a look too, and we get to see how the Archer, in particular, looks like Eddie. The Slipknot collaboration will feature nine killer masks representing the band members and the iconic masks they wear.

PCGamesN asked game director Mathieu Côté if there was potential for this music collaboration to go beyond cosmetics, and he told us, “It’s not impossible.” In a beautiful and hopeful response, Kot called DBD a “museum of horrors” and that Iron Maiden and Slipknot crossovers will “open up a whole new wing” of this horror mall later this year.

He continued, “The world of metal and the world of horror have a lot of crossover in terms of cosmetics, iconography and theme, and they fit very well.” Expanding on the development of these particular musical projects, Cote added, “It’s up to us, but it’s also up to the players. If that’s what people want, sure. We are now in contact with these people, and everyone involved wants this to be the best possible collaboration.” Sounds pretty encouraging, right?

Slipknot's Dead by Daylight collaboration: Slipknot and DBD logo on a dark background.

There will be many more licensed collaborations this year, with two licensed branches opening in August and November. On the cosmetic side, the Artists from the Fog collection celebrates four talented winners from the fan community alongside Ikumi Nakamura. Nakamura, who worked on The Evil Within and Ghostwire: Tokyo, created skins for The Legion, The Oni and Yui Kimura, celebrating Japanese culture.

While you’re getting ready to outfit your slayers (or survivors) in these metallic-themed outfits, check out what’s at the top of our DBD Assassin Tier Listor try some of our favorites survival games, if you like running for your life. Oh, and don’t miss our updated list of new arrivals DBD codes.