“Something can happen where we’re all together again.”

Sons of Anarchy is one of the series that will live forever in the minds of fans. Taking a look at the life of an outlaw motorcycle club, viewers were forced to explore themes of brotherhood, betrayal, love and loss for seven seasons. In an age of reboots, spin-offs, and major IPs, fans are eagerly awaiting a return to the familiar world of their beloved franchise in one form or another. And according to the actor Theo Rossi, the good news may not be long.

Recently talked Submission deadline; termination period, the Juice actor teased a possible spin-off, saying, “Something could happen where we’re all together again, which is crazy.” “If it happens, it’s wild, but if it doesn’t, it would be really cool and wonderful because we talk every day,” he added, referring to his friendship with her. Charlie Hunnam, the host of the show and the rest of the cast. If this could be an idea for a, upon further investigation Sons of Anarchy film, Rossi cryptically said, “It’s completely different. That’s great.”


The fans’ love for Sons of Anarchy It continued

After the show ended, fans of its seven seasons were treated to a spin-off Maya MC The fifth and final season ends this year. Although a. rumors about Sons of Anarchy The film has been rumored for a long time by fans, especially for him, but nothing has come to fruition. For a long time, the original series was admired by fans, and the number of viewers is constantly increasing every season. “We knew we were in unique air,” Rossi noted. Rossi praised the fans’ love for the show, which motivates the creators to keep the ideas alive, saying, “But we couldn’t go two seconds without people being surprised that we’re all together and we’re all friends. We knew we were in for something special and different Mad Menvery different from many ongoing shows.


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In the series, Hunnam played the role of Jackson “Jax” Teller. Katey Sagal as Gemma Teller, Mark Boone Jr as Robert “Bobby Elvis” Munson, Kim Coates as Alexander “Tig” Trager, Tommy Flanagan as Philip “Chibs” Telford, Maggie Siff As Dr. Tara Knowles Ron Perlman as Clarence “Clay” Morrow, Ryan Hurst as Harry “Opie” Winston, William Lucking Piermont as “Piney” Winston, Rossi as Juan-Carlos “Juice” Ortiz and Dayton Callie, Jimmy Smiths, Drea de Matteo, David Labravaand Nico Nicotera.

All seasons Sons of Anarchy Available on Hulu. Watch Collider’s interview with Rossi for the film Emily the criminal below: