“February. The Year of Invincibility.” That was the title Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy gave to his press conference on February 24, exactly one year after his country was invaded by Russia.

When asked about the most difficult and scariest day of the past year, the president replied that during a visit to Bucha after Ukrainian soldiers forced out the Russians, he was confronted with what he called pure evil.

“It was very scary,” he said, “because we saw that evil really doesn’t exist anywhere else, it’s here, on Earth, I think it was.”

On the prospect of peace, Zelenskyy suggested that Beijing’s peace plan could be useful in trying to isolate Russia.

“Our task is to gather all to isolate the One,” he said

He added that Ukraine is trying to involve all continents, including Latin America and Africa, adding that he would also like to see India and China involved as well.

President Zelenskyy insisted that victory is “inevitable” if Western partners follow through on their promises.