Shipka balances life and family in the coming-of-age drama, out March 17.

In the heart Matt Smukler’s coming-of-age drama Wild flower is a family. The center of the film is Bea (Kiernan Shipka), she grows up as the daughter of neurodivergent parents (Samantha Hyde and Dash Mihok) and consider whether to continue living with them and support them or focus on their own life and love. It’s not just Bea and her parents that are special, as her grandparents, aunts, uncles, and more are involved in their lives. Before Wild flowerComing to theaters later this month, Collider can exclusively share a new set of stills and a poster highlighting the family and friends around Bea throughout her life.

With the caption ‘A little heartache, a lot of love’, the poster shows Bea standing awkwardly in a hospital gown, with her family standing behind her. Much of the film takes place through flashbacks as Bea suffers an accident during her senior year of high school that leaves her bedridden and in a coma. The poster clearly describes who she is – independent, but dedicated to the family that did their best to raise her. Also on the poster is Bea’s future boyfriend Ethan (Charlie Plummer) he looked at Bea’s family who were about to bring a bouquet full of flowers.

The stills also emphasize the family aspect of the film. The first two pictures show Bea looking confident as head of the table during dinner with her family and Ethan, while the third looks at her uncle Ben (Reid Scott). Instead, the rest of the footage shows her life at school and outside with Ethan. She showed that she was trying to focus by interacting with her friend Nia in class (Cannon Omachi) and sharing a moment with Ethan, further showing his connections outside of his family. All the love for Bea and her family comes back in one final image, which shows them looking on proudly as she graduates.

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Wild flower A stellar personal story for Smukler

Smukler made his debut Wild flower On September 12, a grand reception was held at the Toronto International Film Festival. Jana Savage, is an opportunity to tell a very personal story that he originally developed for his niece, who lives in a very similar situation to Bea. The beautiful result was loved by critics, who gave it a respectable 60% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. during Perry NemiroffIn an interview with the cast and director of TIFF’s Collider, Shipka revealed how much she appreciates her role, which strikes a delicate balance between coming-of-age and maturity:

I think she had a certain energy in her speech and she had a wisdom beyond her youth that I loved because I think you can be mature and grounded and independent and thoughtful. , but you can also be a child. , and what I really wanted to find and be was this duality, where, on the one hand, he is very responsible and has to be more responsible than many people of his age, but at the same time , is still finding itself and growing. So, that kind of balance was so, so and so appealing to me in the character.

Shipka shares the screen with a star-studded family of actors Wild flower. In addition to Hyde, Mihok, Plummer, Scott and Omachi are also in the film Ryan Kiera Armstrong, Alexandra Daddario, Brad Garrett, Erika Alexander, Jean Smartand Jackie Weaver.

Wild flower It will be released in theaters on March 17, and on digital and on-demand on March 21. Check out the exclusive poster and stills from Smukler below, and watch our interview with the cast:

wildflower poster