could be a very easy solution to a strike organized by Writers Guild of America has now put several major Hollywood productions on hold. The guild said in an email to its members that their proposed deal would cost the studios about $429 million annually. Diversity — that pales in comparison to the billions of dollars the industry generates each year. On the other hand, if the strike period is extended the coming weeks and monthsmore money is lost for the major studios, making it clear that accepting the WGA proposal would make things better for everyone.


The Guild is actively seeking change in the way writers are treated in the current industry, where streaming is one of the mainstays of content production. Platforms are enabled if requirements are met Netflix and Disney+ In order to ensure job security for the people responsible for creating stories that audiences love, hiring a writing team of a minimum number of members for a set minimum amount of time is required. Another bargaining chip for Conflict is royalties, which allow writers to be compensated appropriately if their writing turns out to be successful, as was the case in the heyday of cable television.

How much would a strike cost each major studio?

In the memo, WGA also detailed how much their proposed deal would cost each major studio. By the way, the WGA said the deal would cost Disney $75 million a year; Netflix, $68 million; Warner Bros. Discovery, $47 million; Paramount Global, $45 million; NBCUniversal, $34 million; Amazon, $32 million; Sony, $25 million; and Apple 17 million.

Although these numbers may seem significant, The Hollywood Reporter also shared the WGA’s estimated percentage of annual revenue it would take to properly pay writers to the major studios. In the future, Netflix will lose only 0.1% of its revenue Warner Bros. to compensate writers, they will have to pay 0.108% of what they earn. It has been proven time and time again that studios stop before they start talking. the only solution to this problem of providing good wages to people who are an important part of the production process. Much has changed in the economic climate and the industry itself since the last time the guild negotiated changes.

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How is the strike affecting your favorite show?

With major productions halted across the industry due to the writer’s strike, future releases may be delayed due to the ongoing conflict. Dragon House By continuing to shoot the second season without writers, the quality and integrity of the dialogue and stories performed by the characters is compromised. On the other hand, Mandalorian‘s fourth season is facing production delays until the strike ends, meaning it will arrive on Disney+ later than expected. It seems the only way forward is to give the writers their due.