The Alan Wake 2 release date was discovered by accident, as the main character’s voice actor let Remedy’s hard times be expected horror game fail the interview. We already knew Alan Wake 2 was going this year, but now it has been narrowed down even more.

While this is by no means a true confirmation of Alan Wake 2’s release date, since it’s not officially from developer Remedy, the actor who plays Alan Wake talking about it gives us a pretty good clue about the release date.

“It’s due out in October, we’re working on it right now,” says Alan Wake voice actor Matthew Porretta. “Actually, last week I was in Finland, where Remedy is from, great people.”

You can hear this quote at around the 16:50 mark in a recent Monsters, Madness and Magic interview below.

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With Porretta announcing the release date here, we can expect some kind of update from Remedy in the coming days, as the developer said earlier this year Alan Wake 2 was playable from start to finish and recently said that it will be released this year anyway.

Keep in mind that the performance of Alan Wake himself is actually down to two people, with Porretta doing the voice acting and Ilkka Willi doing the 3D modeling, recording of the performance, and Wake’s live-action bits. So, if you were a little confused when you saw both names popping up online for Alan Wake, here’s why.

October also makes some sense, if only because it’s a horror game and October is officially the spooky season. Even Film Five Nights at Freddy’s then it comes out and it looks pretty good.

I’m really excited to see what Remedy does with this expanded game universe now that Control and Alan Wake are confirmed to take place in the same universe. While interconnected universes are all the rage these days, it doesn’t seem like Remedy is going to constantly cross over everything for the sake of it, so the few times they do can be very interesting.

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