Michael Shannon will return to the fight against the brave domestic terrorists after Waco on April 14th.

In the new trailer, anger rises in the face of America Show timesequel series of Waco: Consequence. After the tragic events of the Waco siege at Mount Carmel, the show focuses on the trials of the surviving Branch Davidians and the outrage of civilians who felt the feds had gone too far. After the death of many, including the leader of the Branch Davidians, David Koresh (Taylor Kitsch), domestic terrorists were only encouraged, which led to the emergence of a new domestic threat, Timothy McVeigh (Alex Breaux). New footage is shown Michael ShannonGary Noesner is trying to stop more violence, despite opposition from the public and others in the FBI.

The cover video for Apostasy begins with Noesner explaining that Waco only brought together domestic terrorists who supported the civil war and others who distrusted the American government and justice system. The result was an increase in incidents and an increase in hostility towards the FBI in particular. Noesner wants to continue the investigation These are new domestic threats, but the bureau is facing scrutiny from all sides for its actions. There are fears that bulldozing domestic terrorists will continue to make them more powerful, but Noesner and others know the best course of action is to try to protect people from further violence.

Waco: Consequence One wants to draw a direct line from the Waco massacre to the Oklahoma City bomber McVeigh and the emerging Patriot movement. Both are strongly hinted at as a note McVeigh signed appealing to his patriots is found, but there are other tantalizing signs of extremism in the trailer. The men point to the Waco agents and demonstrate target practice with ATF-labeled firearms, and they have detailed notes for their next attack. Their respective actions continue throughout the rest of the trailer, and the final shot shows Koresh nodding off before cutting to a truck full of explosives — the explosives that would eventually be used in the Oklahoma City bombings.

Michael Shannon in Waco
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Waco: Consequence It has a solid lineup of new and returning stars

Originally titled American Tragedy: Waco – Trials, Waco: Consequence Follows Showtime’s hit original series Waco and reclaims much of its cast in the process. Building a talented team of newcomers and returning stars against Shannon and Breaux John Leguizamo, Giovanni Ribisi, David Costabile, J. Smith Cameron, John Hoogenacker, Kian Johnsonand Abbey Lee next to Shea Wingham, Annika Marks, Michael Vincent Berry, Michael Cassidy, Gary Cole, Nikolay Kolev, Michael Luvoye, Kiran Mulkar, Kali Rochaand Sasher Zamata.

All episodes are directed Drew Dowdle and John Eric Dowdle who will then return to control the series Waco. They also include Shannon, Kitsch, Andrew Gethensand Lauren McKenzie. Rounding out the production team David C. Glasser, David Hutkin, Bob Yariand Ron Burkle of 101 Studios as well Gary Barber Spyglass.

Waco: Consequence The American Tragedy story continues on April 14 for all Showtime subscribers before it airs on April 16 at 10:00 PM ET/PT. Check out the trailer below.