The Mortal Kombat the timeline was reworked in the infinite wisdom of fire god Liu Kang. Sure, he might not be the best guy for the job, but at least it’s not Raiden, who must have made a fortune consulting the Elder Gods.

The Mortal Kombat 1 the trailer hints at the main characters taking alternate paths the ones we knew they were taking. Sub-Zero and Scorpion may never start their feud, Kitana and Milena may work together, and maybe Johnny Cage will actually win an Oscar – the past determines the future. Speaking of past and future, an eagle-eyed MK fan noticed something interesting in the trailer.

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Hanzo Hasashi and Bi-Han – the first Sub-Zero – began their feud during the Edo period. It is not concrete, but it is widely considered so among fans. However, the younger versions we see in the trailer, maybe not actually from the past. Over on Mortal Kombat SubredditCaptainKashup has found clues that indicate they are actually in the present day.

They noticed some objects in the background of the scenes involving the two ninjas. The first is an electric light bulb, the second is a standing fan, and the third and perhaps most specific item is a satellite television dish in the picture as both look at the eclipse. The trailer hinted that various choices would be made in the past, but now there are more questions given that they are in the relatively current time.

Most of the responses to this post were confused by this revelation because it threw a wrench in their minds theories for Mortal Kombat 1 events. However, some comments jokingly suggest that Liu Kang’s timeline is one of technological marvels, even in the past.

“He did a better job of making 5G available in rural areas,” suggested one comment. “How else is Kung Lao supposed to play crap online? And we all know that otherwise he would have blamed his connection for the loss.” Somehow I think the world would be a worse place if the internet had been invented way before its time.

“Maybe it’s an…ancient…solar disk. To collect… solar waves. This is true. I can still make it fit,” declared another comment, apparently grasping at straws. “Number 3 could just be a Kung Lao hat that they used as a frisbee and got stuck on the roof. Just saying,” said a more viable comment.

Most fans believed that the confrontation between the two happened in the past, which would lead to them becoming allies today. Unless this is a mistake by those who worked on the trailer, it looks like this theory will be dispelled when the game is released.

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