tomb Raider Star Alicia Vikander was not happy when the sequel was canceled. It was a 2018 film adaptation of tomb Raider video game, followed by a previous adaptation in 2001 starring Angelina Jolie. tomb Raider It follows Lara on her journey to find her father as she explores sites filled with ancient artifacts. Although tomb Raider grossed $274 million at the worldwide box office, it never grossed enough for MGM to feel completely comfortable with a sequel.


in an interview with DiversityVikander explains that she was devastated after MGM didn’t give her the green light Tomb Raider 2 timely retention of rights. A sequel was developed, but it never got past this stage. The rights are now firmly with Amazon. Check out his quote below:

“I mean, I thought we were pretty much (good to go); We had a director and a writer. But yeah, for me, it was another childhood dream – portraying an action hero was amazing and beyond what I could have imagined. And I think the physical part is what I really enjoy. So yes, if the opportunity comes up again, I’m interested.

What’s next for the Tomb Raider franchise?

Shooting in Lara Croft Tomb Raider

While Vikander may be disappointed, the ending is rebooted tomb Raider franchising doesn’t mean the end of game adaptations. Amazon plans to new tomb Raider movie, which must be the beginning of the shared universe. A is added to it tomb Raider a show and video game connected to each other, designed to expand the horizons of the world and Lara.

Creating a shared universe around is a somewhat confusing prospect tomb Raider. Unlike the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which has a large cast of characters to carry out various projects, tomb Raider Lara tends to revolve around Croft more than herself. Projects can also be limited by the availability of Lara’s actor, as she takes too much time to shoot.

Depends on: Cast Lara Croft for the new Tomb Raider reboot

Nevertheless, it is not worth rejecting this idea completely tomb Raidercommon universe. Amazon clearly believes they have something worth investing in and a successful franchise like franchise tomb Raider games deserve additional attention. If the Amazon universe can provide a way to tell more stories, there’s no reason not to. Unfortunately, Vikander won’t be able to reprise her role as Lara, but the potential is still there. tomb Raider can be in good hands.

Source: Diversity