One The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom A fan recently took to the Internet to share a compelling theory about what happened to the shrines Breath of the wild. As well as The divine beasts disappeared Tears of the kingdomthe original shrines from the 2017 hit game are also nowhere to be found in its sequel.

Delivering a worthy continuation of the historic success Breath of the wild still it was not easy Tears of the kingdom managed to raise the stake in almost any way. Among many other things, the newly released action-adventure game offers players even more miniature dungeons filled with colorful puzzles and random combat missions.


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As for what happened to the original 120 shrines of Breath of the wild, one fan recently took to social media to claim that the previous set of dungeons had fallen underground. This theory is justified by the fact that most of the chasms leading to Tears of the Kingdom Underground depths located in the same places where Breath of the wild there were shrines.

Seeing as how it was already established in the previous game that these ancient dungeons emerged from underground, the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthem going back the way they came doesn’t exactly sound out of the realm of possibility. At least a portion of the player base seems to agree with that sentiment, given how the theory went viral on Reddit earlier this week. Some of the players who have researched these claims have reported that almost every Chasm in the game does indeed occupy a location Breath of the wild shrine.

The only exception to this trend is the Chasm near Lookout Landing, the first Skyview Tower players will encounter The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Reflecting on the reasons for this discrepancy, many fans who have already discussed the new shrine theory seemed to agree that Lookout Landing Chasm is essentially a training area. This means that Nintendo probably didn’t want to risk players missing it, so they included it in the game’s main quest.

No matter what happened Breath of the wild shrines, it is likely that their counterparts in the sequel will captivate players even longer. Not least because of that Tears of the kingdom contains many more shrines than Breath of the wild. This is largely thanks to the addition of the Sky Islands region, which contains dozens of these miniature dungeons to discover, while Tears of the kingdom The surface map version of Hyrule offers as many shrines as Breath of the wild did

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the kingdom now available on Switch.

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