Managing Director On the other side of good and evil 2 producer Ubisoft Montpellier reportedly left the studio amid a labor investigation by local authorities.

This is according to Kotakuwho claims company staff were informed last week that Guillaume Carmona would not be returning to his role as studio boss after being absent since the start of the year.

Three sources told the site that Carmona’s departure comes after a year in which dozens of developers took extended leave due to stress or illness as the studio continued to struggle with development of Beyond Good and Evil 2.

Beyond Good & Evil 2: E3 2018 Cinematic Trailer

Ubisoft first released a trailer for the game in 2008, but that was followed by nearly a decade of silence before the title resurfaced at E3 2017, when the publisher revealed that it would take the form of a prequel.

“The health and well-being of our teams is an ongoing priority,” a Ubisoft spokesperson told Kotaku. “Given the length of the Beyond Good & Evil 2 development cycle, the Montpelier development team is undergoing a third-party wellness assessment for precautionary measures and to assess where additional support may be needed.”

According to the report, Beyond Good & Evil 2 isn’t even technically in pre-production yet, as Ubisoft Montpellier has yet to decide on a creative vision for the project.

It claims that the title has recently undergone significant personnel changes, with senior creative director Jean-Marc Geoffroy and game director Benjamin Dumaz leaving the project to be replaced by Emile Morel and Charles Gaudron respectively.

Ubisoft held a live stream of Beyond Good and Evil 2 ahead E3 2019, but the game did not appear at the exhibition itself. During the presentation, it became known that the new unnamed Ubisoft studio will join the five (Montpellier, Barcelona, ​​Bordeaux, Mainz and Sofia) that are already working on the game.

In August 2020, a full-length adaptation was announced Netflix is ​​working on the film “Beyond Good and Evil”..

The studio head of Beyond Good and Evil 2 is reportedly stepping down amid a labor investigation

The following month, Beyond Good and Evil and Rayman creator Michel Ansel made the announcement is leaving Ubisoft Montpellier to focus on a new career in the wild.

Commenting on Ansel’s departure and the state of the game at the end of 2020, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillaume claimed that Beyond Good and Evil 2 is progressing well.

“The world is truly a fantastic world, as you have seen Netflix also decided to take this universe to make a movie with it. So, the team has a lot of progress and the game is going very well,” he said.