In the world The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim, few races have a more tragic history than the Falmer. This race is completely blind and relies on sound to move, and is literally imprisoned underground – cursed to wander the halls that belonged to their former captors. Many consider the Falmer to be cold-blooded killers given their antagonistic status, but fans can delve into the story and recognize the tragedy that befell them.

While many believe they only suffer from blindness and mutilated bodies, the severity of the Falmer’s deformities goes much deeper. The Elder Scrolls 5: SkyrimThe Falmer are poisoned by a far greater suffering that reaches deep into their souls.


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The truth about Falmer’s death in Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls Dwemer Hellebor and Falmer

SkyrimThe Falmer were once an advanced race known as the Snow Elves. At first the Snow Elves had a peaceful relationship with the human races, but this ended during the “Night of Tears” when the Snow Elves sacked a Norse settlement called Saartal. A man named Isgramor survived, returned to Atmora and told his people about the treachery of the snow elves. He will return to Skyrim with an army of 500 that will systematically destroy any Snow Elves they see. This gesture also extended to any sign of their existence, hence the lack of snow elf architecture in Skyrim.

To escape the brutality of the Atmorans, the Snow Elves moved underground to Black Predkiss. They were met by the Dwemer, who gave them a cruel ultimatum: they would provide shelter only if the Snow Elves ate a toxic mushroom that would blind them. It would make a physical difference biology of snow elves for all time, leading them to become Falmer. Soon their diet began to consist of this mushroom, and they became servants of the Dwemer.

Due to the toxic mushrooms and time spent underground, they, the Falmer, will become blind and meek, hunched over unlike their once tall Snow Elf ancestors. However, the change that changed them the most was not physically visible. This is a decision by The Elder Scrolls Dwemer damaged the soul fabric of the race. Unlike mermen and humans, who have black souls, falmer have smaller and more common white souls, similar to bears, horses, and wolves.

The distinction between white and black souls is purely artificial, according to Vanus Galerion’s in-game book Soul Capture Guild Note. The shrinking of their souls could mean many things, possibly being the cause of their shrinking intelligence. The The Dwemer have always been mysterious, but the idea that they may have purposely reduced the souls of sentient creatures to create an ideal servant race speaks volumes for their cruelty. Fortunately, there are recorded Falmer finds Skyrim noted that their recent behavior is more reasonable than in the past. The Snow Elves may return to their former glory if this continues, but it may take many years for their souls to fully heal—if they ever can.

While the true explanation of what happened to the souls of the Falmer may never be given, the aftermath offers a deeper look into the tragic history of Skyrim. Maybe The Elder Scrolls 6plot will delve deeper into this mystery, providing more insight into how this once proud race of elves came to this fate.

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