Glenn Powell and Sidney Sweeney sports swimwear in new set photos from the upcoming romantic comedy. Powell recently broke out with her role Best Weapon: Maverick As Hangman, an arrogant but talented pilot who heroically rescues Maverick and Rooster during the movie’s exciting third act. On the other hand, Sweeney is known for her role as Cassie Howard Euphoria and Olivia Mossbacher White lotus Season 1 earned Emmy nominations for both performances.


Earlier this year, the two up-and-coming stars were reported to be joining forces for a romantic comedy, and now the first photos from the project have surfaced. @FilmUpdates on Twitter.

In a series of photos that have gone viral, Powell and Sweeney flaunt their physiques in swimsuits. The two actors are currently shooting scenes in Sydney, Australia, and in these pictures, they seem to be on a boat near the coast.

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Here’s What We Know About Glen Powell and Sidney Sweeney’s Rom-Com

Glen Powell smiles in Top Gun: Maverick.

Not much is known about Glen Powell as interesting set photos make waves on the internet A romantic comedy by Sidney Sweeney. Directed by Will Gluck, who is no stranger to the world of rom-coms Easy A and friends with benefits. Not only are plot details being kept under wraps, the project doesn’t even have an official name, but rumors are swirling No one but you. The rom-com will also apparently be rated R.

This isn’t the first time the two stars have been seen in a swimsuit, as Powell was a part of it. Best Weapon: Maverick’s iconic beach soccer scene. Euphoria Season 2 also featured the famous hot tub scene where Sweeney’s Cassie drinks too much and vomits on her friends. While not much is known about their upcoming collaboration, Best Weapon: Maverickof Glenn Powell and Sidney Sweeney Their rom-com release flaunting their toned beach bodies is sure to be a draw.

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Source: @FilmUpdates/Twitter