Could this be Microsoft’s answer to Nintendo Direct and Sony’s State of Play?

Bethesda Softworksthe next big hit Starfield may be introduced later this week. The speculation was started by Video Games Chronicle owner and editor Andy Robinson, who on Friday made post on Twitter stating, “I’ve heard that the Starfield launch announcement is imminent,” adding in response shortly after, “As in, soon.”

The space exploration game, currently only for Xbox Series X|S and PC, still doesn’t have an official launch date, though its official support page promises it for the first half of this year after the update in early January. Although the developers have been very active in releasing promotional materials throughout 2022, including the creation a series of internal interviews with key team members as game director Todd Howardin early 2023, the PR campaign seemed to have died down, and the development team was much more tight-lipped.

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All this may change in the not so distant future. Multiple sources are reporting that the game’s demo is days away, though no one is saying exactly when yet. Rebs Gaming’s trusted gaming insider made the announcement on Twitter on Saturday, claiming that there will be a major announcement next (now this) week. Besides, how noted The Gamer, The Xbox Two Podcast made a similar report on Friday.

At this point, no one in the know seems to be saying anything concrete about the announcement, other than that it will happen and it will appear this week. One key piece of information that fans still don’t know is the release date, with the current window indicating that it will be released sometime between today and the end of June.

Also, since Starfield is currently only slated to be available for Xbox Series X|S and PC, this might be the best time for a major console exclusive announcement. Nintendo and Sony have both held major announcement broadcasts this month (Nintendo Direct and State of Play respectively), and all three console makers seem to miss this year’s E3. Additionally, many gaming enthusiasts criticized the Xbox brand for not releasing a single major exclusive game in 2022, while PlayStation had both Horizon: Forbidden West and God of War: Ragnarokso Bethesda could take the opportunity to give Xbox some exposure before the month is out.

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