Rupert Friend, star Star Wars series Obi-Wan Kenobishe revealed that she intends to start campaigning for her coveted role James Bond. Made her film debut in the 2004 Johnny Depp drama freedom, Recently my friend brought animation Star Wars A villain known as the Grand Inquisitor for Life in the Disney+ series opposite Ewan McGregor. He is also known for his role as CIA black ops officer Peter Quinn in the spy thriller series. Homeland.


in a recent interview with Diversity, a friend discovered that as a young actor, Daniel Craig first auditioned for James Bond before he was cast. Although he ultimately turned down the offer, the actor now feels he has the experience to do justice to the character. Revealing that he is High desert Co-writer Patricia Arquette recently encouraged her to talk to her agent about the role, according to Friends.the universe is saying something here“. Check out his comments below:

But very, very recently, last week (mid-April) it started to creep back into my mind that, let’s put it this way, maybe I have some cuts and bruises. (laughs) From being straight around the block or from the school of hard knocks, and also directed films and directors and difficult situations. You will realize that you are at a point where you can accept things that you probably couldn’t do before. I heard this revelation last week, so this interview is very specific. And I wrote to my manager: “I’ve been thinking too much. . “. and I told them what I told you. My manager remembered my wife and I coming to stay at our house a few years ago and asked me what I thought about the prospect of playing the character after maybe a bottle or two too many. At that time I said that I was afraid of it or that I would not serve him in some way. And last week I literally decided I was ready. Now, they may or may not be interested, and that’s fine, but that’s one of the things I’ve worked with. . . Patricia Arquette texted me last week: “I love the show, you’re so funny and why aren’t you Bond? Talk to your agent about it! ” So I thought, OK, the universe is saying something here, even if it’s just to say, “yeah, you weren’t ready and now you are.” It doesn’t matter whether you do it or not, but it is important to listen to the cycles of life and understand that the universe is always on time, only sometimes you and I are a little early or a little late.

Second chances have always been an important part of James Bond casting

Timothy Dalton

While all eyes are now on who will be Craig’s next 007 actor, the task choosing the next James Bond proved to be a difficult decision for a long time. While some might assume that The Dude already had his chance when the producers first approached him, history shows that the Bond franchise has always been about second chances and timing. emphasizes.

When Sean Connery initially left the role of Bond During production in 1967 You only live twicethe producers eventually turned to a young Timothy Dalton to replace him On His Majesty’s Secret Service. In a story that directly mirrored the story of a friend, Dalton turned down the role because he felt he was too young, then returned decades later in 1987. Live days. Likewise, Roger Moore and Pierce Brosnan had previous opportunities to play Bond before their debuts, but both were prevented by their respective TV commitments. dear and Remington Steele.

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There is currently no word on when the makers will announce the next one James Bond, and speculation is rife. With an already rumored star-studded roster, Friend may struggle to prove himself as a worthy successor to Craig, but history seems to be on his side. Maybe Homeland the actor is right, and the universe may just align to give him a well-deserved second chance to be the next 007.

Source: Diversity