new Solasta: Magister’s Crown The Palace of Ice DLC promises to bring its campaign to a rather terrifying climax. Great DnD RPG game Solasta is one of the best games on Steam officially supported by Wizards of the Coast and uses the board game’s SRD 5.1 ruleset to create an accurate digital adaptation. The recently announced DLC adds a high-level adventure through the icy lands that expands the main game’s campaign.

“To date, the biggest update we’ve worked on isn’t just a new adventure,” says developer Tactical Adventures, “it’s the continuation and completion of the Crown of the Magister campaign.” In this high-level 10-16 campaign, your party heads to the frozen lands to answer the Snow Alliance’s call for help against the Foragers and other ancestral enemies.

Two new ancestors were entered from the register DnD race, with dwarves and tieflings now available in the character creator. You can import a save file to continue a past campaign with one of your pre-existing groups, or you can create a new set of adventurers to treat it as a one-shot and start them at level 10, ready for the Ice Palace. During your adventures, you will face powerful opponents and level up to a maximum of 16 levels.

Solasta: Palace of Ice can be played alone or with four players in co-op. A huge chunk of new Dungeon Maker content is included, with four new environments and a host of Ice Palace monsters available for use. You also get two free additions to Dungeon Maker: the ability to use world maps and link them together, and controllable NPC followers who can join the party and help in battle.

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All players will also get access to six new faces for Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Halflings, and Half-Elves in the character creator, regardless of whether they purchase DLC or not, and Dungeon Maker can now unlock levels up to 16. . However, to maintain some balance, the Crown of the Magister and Lost Valley campaigns are there still limited to a maximum level of 12.

Solasta: Palace of Ice releases in May 2023 on Steam, GOG and the Microsoft Store. If you haven’t yet played the base game, which is also available on PC Game Pass, read why we think you might the perfect DnD RPG after the release of the Lost Valley DLC.

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