After years of updates to the base game, The Sims 4 offers some great features for players without packages. With almost every pack that was released, there was an accompanying update to the base game for those who might not be able to get the pack. This is usually a feature introduced in a bundle, such as a child update with the release of the Growing Together expansion pack.

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The base game is now free for any new players, meaning these features are available to anyone who wants to download the game and try out The Sims. Here are some of the best features you will find.



12 Collectables

Sim from The Sims 4 kneels down and hacks into metal rock with a hammer and chisel

If you have a keen eye for what’s around you, you’ll notice that your Sim’s world has plenty of things for them to collect. There are 13 types of collectibles to collect in the base game.

An easy collectible is crystals that can be found on the street. Your Sim can dig them up and display or mail them to the Geo Board for an item or other collectible. Your Sim can also build collections by fishing in a lake, finding frogs in logs, or gardening. All the collectibles your Sim collects can be displayed at home for each Sim to appreciate.

11 Calendar

Screenshot from The Sims 4 calendar full of events and holidays

First introduced with the addition of Season to follow the festive events, the calendar was soon added to the base game. Without seasons, you won’t have Sims holidays like Winterfest or Talk Like a Pirate Day, but you will be able to see when your Sims birthday is coming up, as well as other world events.

You can also use the calendar to schedule events two weeks in advance, like weddings or birthdays, so you can really stay on top of your Sim’s social schedule. You can use this to your advantage by having planned parties for your Sims instead of Seasons holidays.

10 Three worlds

Three photos from The Sims 4 from the worlds of Willow Creek, Oasis Springs, and Newcrest

The base game offers three good ones unique worlds for your Sim to choose from. There’s Willow Creek, a New Orleans-influenced town with homes ranging from tiny guns to elaborate Queen Anne mansions and willows galore; Oasis Springs, a desert town that might remind longtime players of Strangetown from The Sims 2; and Newcrest, a world full of empty lots, allowing you to populate the world with whatever buildings and Sims you choose.

Willow Creek and Oasis Springs are full of iconic characters from The Sims, such as the Goth and Landgraab families, so there are plenty of ready-made towns for your Sim to interact with.

9 Babies and toddlers

Two adult Sims from The Sims 4: one holding a baby Sim and the other playing with a toddler in the kiddie pool

Babies and toddlers are two life stages added in an update after the game was first launched. Babies are a stage of life that has never been seen before in The Sims, as previously newborn babies turned into toddlers. Baby Sims need a lot of attention and help from your Sim to reach their milestones.

Toddlers have long been a staple of The Sims series, although The Sims 4 Toddlers are a bit more independent than previous games. Your Sim still needs to teach them to walk and talk, but once they start learning these skills, your little one will be able to walk around the house, eat whatever food is on the counter, and communicate their needs fairly easily.

8 Career

Sims from The Sims 4 in an astronaut suit exiting a rocket ship in the desert

In the base game, there are 13 careers for your Sim to choose from, and each career has at least two branches that your Sim can progress into. Plus, there’s a wide variety of careers to choose from, so there’s something for every type of Sim.

There are more creative professions, such as drawing and writing. There are careers that are ideal for more dramatic gameplay, such as astronaut, criminal, and secret agent. Career options like Freelancer or Self-Employed give your Sim even more freedom in determining their career. There are also five part-time jobs available, such as barista and nanny, available for both adults and teens.

7 Platforms

Four Sims from The Sims 4 are talking in a bright room

Platforms are a build mode function in-game, allowing for more variety in your builds. You can adjust them to any height and size, from a single step to the ceiling. They are an extremely versatile addition to the game that allows you to create unique features in your build.

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Platforms can be used to create grand open staircases up a hill, 70s-style conversation pits in the living room or stages in public spaces. You can also use platforms to create dynamic room elements, such as a built-in bunk bed or a loft area.

6 Create-A-Sim stories

Screenshot from The Sims 4 Create a Sim from the story menu

Having a hard time creating Sims that aren’t like the ones you’ve created before? Do you find yourself using the same three traits, choosing the same aspirations, and having your Sims in the same career? With Create-a-Sim stories, you can change things.

When you open Create-a-Sim, you’ll be prompted to create a story for your new Sim. You will then be given a set of pre-answered questions, each of which will be used to determine their traits, aspirations, skills and start-up funds.

5 Swimming pools

Two Sims from The Sims 4 in Oasis Springs.  One is lying in a chair by the pool, the other is floating in it on his back

Pools are a pretty infamous feature in The Sims series, known for being what they are potentially fatal for your Sims. But unlike other Sims games, your Sim won’t need a ladder to get out of the pool. Sims can spend half a day lounging by the pool, having the opportunity to eat and drink while dipping their toes in, socializing with other Sims, and relaxing on their backs.

But be careful as the pools are still not completely safe. If your Sim gets too comfortable in the water and spends all day swimming, they may become exhausted and drown.

4 Secret objects

A screenshot from The Sims 4 showing the debug menu items

As you explore the world your Sim lives in, you may notice some plants or objects that you like but can’t find in Build or Buy mode. This is because they are hidden objects in the debug menu only available via cheat. Two cheats, “bb.showHiddenObjects” and “bb.showLiveEditObjects” will allow you to select items from the debug menu, including all collectibles if your Sim doesn’t want to find them himself.

There are many great items to create an even more realistic lot, such as fire hydrants and pots. And there are even cars that don’t drive, but still look pretty good, placed in the driveway.

3 Seven plants

A plant simulator from The Sims 4 happily basks in the sun

While there are many occult options for your Sim in the DLC, Plant Sims are the only ones available in the base game, and turning your Sim into one isn’t too difficult. First, your Sim must be a level ten Gardener, and then follow a series of steps get the forbidden fruit.

When your sim eats a fruit, it will turn into a plant sim! Your Sim will develop new needs, such as water (which can be satisfied by actions such as showering or swimming) and hunger, which, unlike normal Sims’ hunger, is caused by the time a Plant Sim spends in the sun.

2 Silvan glade

Sims from The Sims 4 stands in the middle of Sylvan Glade

While it is known that in the base game there are three worlds that your Sims can live in, some players may not know that there is actually a fourth world that your Sim can travel to. Hidden in Willow Creek is a Sylvan Tree that your Sim can interact with.

After spending enough time with the tree, your sim will be able to enter it, and if they successfully explore it, they will be taken to Sylvan Glade.

Sylvan Glade is a magical fantasy world where your Sim can collect collectibles and have a much better chance of finding rare ones. There’s not much else to do besides take in the view, but you can use cheats to build a small hidden area if you want.

1 Scenarios

Screenshot from The Sims 4 with three scenarios from the game

Scenarios are great if you feel like your gameplay has become repetitive or stale. When you start the game, you can find scenarios in the main menu, and then you can choose from a list of permanent and time-only scenarios to change your gameplay.

Each scenario has its own set of rules, such as how many Sims can be in a family. In addition, there are requirements you must fulfill to complete it, such as entering into a relationship or career. Each scenario can only be completed when one of the specified endings is reached, and the Sims involved will receive satisfaction points along with fond memories.

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