If you are a long-time fan of HBO’s hit series Sex and the City, you can’t help but wonder: What is the network doing to celebrate the hit show’s 25th anniversary? Well, you don’t have to wonder anymore because the star of the series Sarah Jessica Parker New York City announced on social media that it will host once again Sex and the City experience.

Called And just like that… it’s been 25 years: the sex and the city experiencethe name of the event plays on the names of the 1998 show and its sequel series, And just like that… He made his debut at Max in 2021. The event consists of pop-up experiences from around the world. big appleand contains one of them Sex and the City‘s most famous locations: the apartment where the main character Carrie Bradshaw (Parker) lived during the show. The event will also celebrate the most modern look of both series, revealing an exclusive line-up Sex and the City serves goods and shows signature drink – Cosmopolitan – everywhere.


When will it be Sex and the City Will there be a 25th anniversary event?

What about you? you don’t have to wait long to see happen: The Sex and the City The experiment will begin next month and will run for four days between June 8 and 11. In her Instagram post, Parker hinted that the cast would be in attendance and hinted that there were surprises in store for fans who visited the event’s booking page. The event kicks off with a special preview with Vogue, where tickets are already sold out. But you can still attend all the other events planned!

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A great year to be a Sex and the City science, since season 2 And just like that… it is planned to start in June. Next series Carrie, Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) and Charlotte (Christine Davis) in their 60s as they travel around the Big Apple – this time with children and a whole new understanding of the people and culture that surrounds them. The series finally addresses the lack of representation plagued the flagship showand now the main cast includes characters of different nationalities, backgrounds and sexual orientations.

Sex and the City It first debuted on HBO in 1998. The series has been hailed as one of the sexiest conversations ever, having completely changed the way female characters were portrayed on screen. basic taboos each new episode helped to break. The show ran for six seasons and won seven Emmy Awards. It also became known for its behind-the-scenes scandals, which prompted a series of regular releases. Kim Cattrall refusing to reprise her role as fan favorite Samantha Jones. In Likewise…Samantha was ruled out because she lives in London and keeps in touch with her friends through text messages.

Max Season 2 Premiere And just like that… June 22 with two parts. You can get more information about the event and buy tickets Sex and the City Experience website.

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