An Emmy Award-winning duo Howard Gordon and Alex Hansa return to Show time With a series based on 1997 Ethan Hawke a sci-fi classic Gattaca. A show written by Gordon and Hansa Craig Borten, billed as a sequel series set a generation after the events of the original film. Sony Pictures Television is currently finalizing the deal.

Author and director Andrew Nicol and along with Hawke Uma Thurman, Gattaca During its release, critics were shocked by its portrayal of a dystopian society in which discrimination due to eugenics was perfectly manufactured. Instead of race, gender, sexuality, or other factors, society is segregated by the disabled and the able-bodied. The able-bodied are those who are born through the process of selection, while the disabled are those who are naturally born to ensure the perpetuation of only the most desirable traits, and are therefore forced into menial jobs and subjected to constant ridicule. In the film, Hawke played Vincent Freeman, a disabled man who uses elaborate methods to hide his status and find a job at the Gattaca Aerospace Corporation. through the derogatory Vincent and the man he pretends to be, Jerome Eugene Morrow (Jude Law), we see how society tries to put disabled people down and pressures able-bodied people to be perfect. The film was even nominated for an Oscar for art direction.


Gordon and Hansa will also executive produce Glenn Gellar, who runs his Sony Pictures Television banner. They managed to get hold of one of the former members Gattaca team to join them Danny DeVito. DeVito previously served as producer on the film alongside Niccol.

Uma Thurman in Gattaca
Image via Sony

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Gordon, Hansa and Showtime make a great team Gattaca

Gordon and Hansa return to familiar territory Gattaca on Showtime. They were created before Homeland, one of Showtime’s biggest series, has won an impressive eight Emmy Awards during its run. This included two for Gordon and Hansa, as well as a pair for the star of the series Claire Danes and boat in other categories. Before that, the pair also co-produced the legendary Fox crime thriller 24 in this line; at the same time The X-Files, Entourageand Maximum Bob among other things. Most recently, they’ve had success with their own show on Fox, an anthology series Accused which became a breakout hit boast accumulated gypsum and high ratings.

And their partner, Borten, previously threatened for Oscar gold as a co-writer Dallas Buyers Club with Melissa Wallach. His credits have been fairly sparse of late, but his most recent writing credit is for Netflix Sergio.

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