Sea of ​​Stars developers from Sabotage Studio have released another clip of their awesome pixel RPG.

This time we can look at a short video about the ability to swim, which takes place in the port city of Brisk. You can simply walk into the water from the beach and the characters will automatically start swimming.

It is interesting, but residents of Brisk like to relax on the beach, as it is well equipped with umbrellas, towels and sunbeds.

You can view it below.


Sea of ​​Stars will be released on August 29 for PS5, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC. It’s an in-universe prequel The famous game The Messenger from the studio Sabotage and it was funded by a successful Kickstarter campaign that reached its goal in one day.

It comes with retro-style turn-based battles that aim to update the formula with timed attacks and defenses, tactical use of damage types, and more. Of course, it also comes with an extremely beautiful pixel art, enriched with dynamic lighting, which you can see in today’s trailer.

The story includes dozens of characters and story arcs, promising an “exciting journey,” but if you want to take a break, you can still enjoy side activities like fishing and mini-games, including an in-game board game called Wheels, where you can play taverns.

Incidentally, it also features music by legendary JRPG composer Yasunori Mitsuda, even if he didn’t compose the full soundtrack. You can read more about the assessment at our previous dedicated article.