Screen Rant presents an exclusive behind-the-scenes DVD clip of “Inspection,” sharing new insights into additional military training scenes.

Screen Rat is proud to present an exclusive clip from the military drama Inspection. The film tells the story of Ellis French, who is rejected by his mother because of his sexuality and decides to join the Marine Corps. Ellis works hard and does everything to achieve success, including hiding his sexual orientation. As Ellis struggles with prejudice and the challenges of basic training, he finds an unexpected ally with his fellow Marines and an unexpected sense of belonging.

Inspection Elegance is owned by Bratton his directorial debut and a semi-autobiographical story based on his experiences in the Marine Corps and his strained relationship with his mother. This deeply moving and emotional film debuted at the 2022 Toronto International Film Festival. Inspection A Lionsgate and A24 film, available now on DVD and Blu-ray.

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Screen Rant’s exclusive clip from Inspection a behind-the-scenes DVD extra provides new insight into Bratton’s deeply personal military drama. The clip features Nicholas Logan, who plays Brooks, one of Grill’s sergeants, talking about how he was able to get into character with the cast and how Bratton allowed him to improvise while going through these very physical scenes. The ensemble cast also talks about having real Marines as military advisors to bring authenticity to the film and their performances.

Bratton can do it Get a real boot camp experience with Inspection because he experienced it. The actors also took these scenes extremely seriously and were trained to handle the physical aspects of their roles while the Marines were doing boot camp. Interestingly, in the clip, a number of actors share how they enjoyed the feeling of camaraderie, which reflects the personal experience of the main character.

Special features include Inspection The Blu-ray and DVD include deleted scenes, “Protection and Maintenance: The Making of inspection,” and audio commentary from Elegance Bratton. Inspection Written and directed by Elegance Bratton. Inspection stars Jeremy Pope (One night in Miami), Raul Castillo (Army of the Dead), Bokeem Woodbine (Spiderman: Return home) and Gabrielle Union (Bad Boys II).

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Inspection is currently available on Blu-ray and DVD for a suggested retail price of $21.99 on Blu-ray and $19.98 on DVD.