The dead will rise again in April.

In 2023, another killing spree begins for the horror genre. While most genre fans are focused on the return of Ghostface right now, there’s another great franchise marking their return in April. It would be Evil Dead in the appropriate title Rise of the Evil Dead. Marketing for the film gradually picked up with the first craze trailer for The climb promises to be another gore-soaked entry for this wildly popular horror series. With the film less than two months away, we know it’s busy time for the writer-director Lee Croninof Rise of the Evil Dead It lasts 96 minutes.

It may seem short on the modern film landscape, but it really does The climb the longest film in the franchise. Original Evil is dead at 85 minutes, Evil Dead II in 84 minutes, Army of Darkness In 81 minutes and Evil dead 2013 In 91 minutes. Then, when you compare it to other modern horror hits of the past year, The climb also on the short side of the horror spectrum. Halloween is over It was 111 minutes Scary 2 It was 138 minutes Black phone It was 103 minutes and Scream 2022 It was 114 minutes. Therefore, the working life is shorter The climb can be seen as a stimulant. A film should only be as long as the story requires and Evil Dead has always been a franchise that doesn’t waste anyone’s time. You sit down, watch some twisted footage, impressive practical gore effects, and then, like a satisfying roller coaster ride, it’s over.


What is Evil Dead Rise about?

By the way, The climb‘s plot is looking to expand on the family-horror thematic themes found in the 2013 reboot. This will be the first film since then Army of Darkness Taking the horror of the franchise away from its basic cabin in the woods and focusing on a broken family living in a Los Angeles high-rise. So, The climb part of the title. The story is about two divorced sisters Elle (Alyssa Sutherland) and Beth (Lily Sullivan) to reconnect years later. Elle has kids, which makes the movie all the more terrifying. How Necronomicon ends in Los Angeles is anyone’s guess, but if the latest trailer is any indication, The climb It appears to be the scariest film in the franchise. That says a lot Evil dead 2013.

Rise of the Evil Dead

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Evil Deadis a unique horror series that has nothing but solid writing. Whether it’s camp horror or not Sam Raimi’s original film, both of which have terrific comedic vibes Evil Dead II and Army of Darknessor dark horror Evil dead 2013, the variety found in this undead franchise is astounding. Considering Raimi and former star Bruce Campbellcontinuation of the series, The climb wants to push the envelope Evil Dead in some very exciting ways.

Evil Dead Rise release date

Rise of the Evil Dead It will be shown in cinemas on April 21, 2023. This family from hell is sure to be another hit for Warner Brothers and the horror genre. A killer short and sweet runtime only helps in this department. While horror fans can’t wait for the dead to rise again, you can watch the previously released trailer for the film below.