Screen Rant presents an exclusive clip from the upcoming film Ritual Killer, in which Cole Hauser and Morgan Freeman team up to destroy evil.

Screen media Ritual killer Coming to select theaters and On Demand this week and Screen Rat is pleased to present an exclusive clip from the film. Starring YellowstoneCole Hauser and unforgettable screen legend Morgan Freeman (The Shawshank Redemption), Ritual killer Follows a retired detective who teams up with an anthropology professor to find a serial killer using the ancient magic of Muti.

Apart from the two strong leaders, Ritual killer also Peter Stormare (Fargo), Murielle Hilaire, Brian Kurlander, Luke Stratte-McClure and former NFL player Vernon Davis. Mystical thriller directed by George Gallo (who famously wrote the story Bad boys), he plays with the line between reality and insanity when Detective Boyd (Hauser) is forced to enter the mind of a serial killer to hunt him down.


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Morgan Freeman and Cole Hauser in the Ritual Killer poster

In Screen Ratexclusive clip from Ritual killer, Detective Boyd talks to his partner, Detective Maria Kersh (Hilaire), who has some questions about a recent arrest. Before he can investigate Bord’s behavior for too long, they are called to the scene of a gruesome crime. As they see the mutilated body of a young teenage girl, it becomes clear that Boyd is willing to do whatever it takes to stop the monster from committing such an evil act. Viewers need to catch the full movie to watch What is the character of Morgan Freeman Professor Mackles plays.

As a leading global distributor of independent films, Screen Media has made many memorable projects accessible to audiences. Some of their latest releases Locksmith starring Ryan Phillippe and Christmas in the Caribbean With Elizabeth Hurley. Ritual killer It has 92 minutes of running time and has not yet been rated.

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Screen Media is being released Ritual killer In theaters March 10 and On Demand.