The new season also features an improved cheat and reload protection system.

Rainbow Six Siege will celebrate its eighth anniversary with a season of Operation Commanding Force, featuring Brazilian operator Brava, whose Kludge drone can disable enemy electronic devices. The first season of 2023, which kicks off on March 7th, will implement a number of changes to the multiplayer shooter — restarts, auto-mute, mouse and keyboard cheat protections, and beginner challenges to help players learn the basics of Siege.

In the new season, a new attacker named Brava appears on the battlefield, which will be available in the Battle Pass premium track from February 20. Ubisoft has released a gameplay trailer for Brava, which features several scenes of the Brazilian operator showing off his power. She is armed with a PARA-308 assault rifle and a CAMRS assault rifle as her primary weapons. Brava can use USP40 pistol and Super Shortly as weapons. Her equipment also includes smoke grenades and a claymore mine.


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However, what sets her apart from other operators is her Kludge Drone gadget, which can be used for stealth. Brava can control his drones to hack enemy electronic gadgets from a distance, a successful hack either destroys the gadgets or changes their allegiance. The results of a Brava hack can be simple or complex, but they will also be devastating and deadly. The Kludge drone can initiate hacks by staying in range of the target until the hack is complete. Mute is one of the few defenders who can counter Brava’s shenanigans with electronic jamming.

The upcoming season introduces an all-new anti-cheat feature that detects players using a mouse and keyboard to play Siege. If you don’t know, Rainbow Six Siege doesn’t officially support mouse and keyboard for consoles. Additionally, Operation Commanding Force introduces significant animation changes, including a new way for animation cancellation to work. For example, a weapon will not reload until the reload animation ends, and will have zero bullets loaded if players choose to cancel the reload animation.

Rainbow Six Siege: Year 8 Season 1 also includes starter missions to help players get used to some of the mechanics more quickly. For completing these tasks, players will receive a variety of rewards, including weapons, operators, and cosmetics.

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