Since his arrival in the Kingdom, Azaan has been preparing for an impending threat – an enemy whose appearance could tear the world apart. But just before Azaan could make his last desperate attempt, she arrived… and the Kingdom would never be the same. Welcome your new matriarch – Nyx, Queen of the Abyss, has emerged from the darkest corners of the Abyss into the Kingdom.

Paladins season 6 update

Nix is ​​the newest front line champion to rise above Paladins registry, bringing the total number of playable characters to 58. Her passive ability, Queen of Changes, gives her a bonus to heal when she is near an object, encouraging players to always get up close and personal. Nyx has no traditional weapons and instead deals with enemies with her fists. Her primary fire is a five-hit melee attack chain, while her alternate fire, Rift Slash, splits open reality in an area, dealing damage and slowing enemies caught in the effect.

But what would a queen be without a way to punish those who dare raise a hand against her? Nyx’s first ability summons a wide shield at the target point, while her second ability deploys a poisonous aura around her that deals sustained damage to enemies caught in it. The ultimate Nyx is the Chaos Nexus, unleashing three powerful attacks around her that draw and stun enemies, causing them to crawl at her feet.

Even the Champions of the Realm are not immune to the seductive forces of the Abyss. This patch also includes a new Into The Abyss Event Pass with over 20 levels of chaotic rewards, including Doom Bringer Seris and Abyss-damaged Wings of Darkness Saati.

Paladins season 6 update

Also in this sixth season release is the return of the fan-favorite mode: Payload. Originally released in Paladins‘ beta, Payload features big new locales where one team tries to push a cart into an enemy base while the opposing team tries to stop them before time runs out. This mode will be available to play from Monday to Friday every week, so players will have plenty of time to experience the iconic part Paladins‘ story!

But that’s not all – this update also includes a new ranked season, more new skins and a revamped shop. There’s never been a better time to jump Paladins – The Season 6 Update is now available on all Xbox platforms! Download and play for free today.

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