Roger Deakins says the producers initially had a strange note for filming Sicario. The 2015 Denis Villeneuve-directed thriller follows FBI agent Kate Macer (Emily Blunt) as she is recruited by a government task force to take down the head of a Mexican drug cartel. Sicario also dealt with border disputes between Mexico and the United States, with production taking place in both countries. After the release, the movie was praised by critics and audiences alike, and the sequel, Sicario: Day of the Soldadocreated soon after.


During a recent panel discussion (via IndieWire), Deakins explained that the producers were reluctant to film in Mexico due to insurance issues. Cinematographer and his wife James Deakins said Fort Lauderdale was presented as a filming location, which led them to ask ““Has anyone read the script?”” Read their comments on the making of the film Sicario below:

Roger Deakins: We had to convince some producers to go to Mexico City because they didn’t want us to go there for insurance.

James Deakins: They wanted Fort Lauderdale.

Roger Deakins: I was actually in a production meeting and I said, “Has anyone read the script?” So they let us go to Mexico City for a few days. I have to say that the police in Mexico City were amazing. In the morning we found some places before shooting. There’s a scene outside the prison, and Denise and I were walking around and saying, “This prison is amazing, can we shoot in here?” we walked around. At 10am we got permission and were able to do two shots, so we made it, but it was worth it.

How filming locations benefited Sicario

Emily Blunt in Sicario (2015)

A lot Sicario The film was shot in Albuquerque, but Deakins revealed that production also went to Mexico City. The cinematography, along with Villeneuve’s directorial style, gave the film a sense of realism that was enhanced by the film’s locations. Since its plot involves travel and border conflicts between the two countries, it would make sense to film in Mexico City over Florida. It was one of those moments when Deakins paused Sicariomemorable scenes of as well as when the task force was targeted after breaking out of prison.

Deakins has collaborated with Villeneuve on a number of projects and has worked on him Sicario, which received an Academy Award nomination for Best Cinematography. While one might question how the film would have looked if it had been shot in Fort Lauderdale, it was a good decision to shoot in Mexico and it paid off. Neither Deakins nor Villeneuve returned for the 2018 sequel, but production still took place in Mexico City, as well as in New Mexico.

Sicario If it had been made in Florida, it would have had a different effect on the audience. It’s interesting to hear what led to the film and how Deakins was able to film in Mexico despite the producers’ initial concerns. There are news about it potential Sicario 3nothing materialized and Deakins’ involvement is unknown.

Source: IndieWire