Fans of super-spy Joan of Arc have been wondering what form the heroine’s next adventure will take since it was announced that Microsoft was planning Perfect dark reboot, and now a new job posting from Crystal Dynamics might provide some clues. Well known for its cult Tomb Raider franchise, Crystal Dynamics is a co-developer Perfect dark reboot together with Microsoft’s new studio The Initiative.

The Perfect dark the franchise began life as a spiritual successor The rarity is legendary Golden Eye 007. Released for Nintendo 64 in 2000, Perfect dark maintained tight control and a loud firefight Golden Eye 007 while also adding a host of high-tech gadgets for players to use in the game’s then-futuristic sci-fi world of 2023. The stylish shooter has been highly praised by many critics and players since its release, and some consider it Perfect dark fans as one of the best games of its era. Although Perfect dark then received a sequel for Xbox 360 and a remastered release in 2010, the game never managed to achieve the same level of lasting recognition as Golden Eye 007.


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New job opening for Lead Gameplay Animator at Perfect dark co-developer Crystal Dynamics provides some insight into what the developer may have in store for fans of the franchise once the game is released. Especially noting that the position for Perfect dark, the publication states that the lead gameplay animator will play an important role in bringing the title to life. While the work history required of applicants mostly consists of the generic tasks you’d expect from any high-level developer role, some of the requirements strongly suggest that the reboot may be a departure from the series’ traditional first-person past. In addition to the expected first-person experience, the job listing says the developer wants someone with “deep gameplay knowledge” of third-person gameplay, traversal, and melee combat.


Knowing that the game may have third-person sections may cause some gamers to recall the cool Xbox 360 launch title A perfect dark zero, but this does not mean that gamers are in for a complete change of perspective. With traversal gameplay and hand-to-hand combat becoming quite common in first-person shooters, these job requirements may simply mean that Perfect dark reboot can play the same way as some of its counterparts. In addition, while the predecessor A perfect dark zero also featured third-person gameplay, it cleverly limited the change of perspective when players were in cover.

No matter what form it takes when it finally arrives, in Perfect dark reboot probably won’t come soon according to some recent reports. And yet hardly at all Perfect dark reboot will ever appeal to every fan of the series, at least this job posting shows that the developers are willing to take some risks as they seek to revive the franchise.

Perfect dark is currently under development.

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