The art book must be included with the collector’s edition of the game.

A Reddit user has posted various hand-crafted photos of what appears to be the official one Tears of the kingdom an art book that will be included in the collector’s edition of the game. The images are extremely detailed, they clearly reflect the actual physical book, and the art style is identical to the style Breath of the wild and Zelda in general, if it is a fake, it is incredibly difficult.

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Indeed, its veracity is quite difficult to deny. Originally by a user called u/JustJulienOffic placed image of a spoiler-free page showing off one of Link’s outfits in the game. This image exactly matches what is seen on it the official Tears of the Kingdom page, where the image on the right advertises the Collector’s Edition Art Book.


Then the user went to post another twenty pages that show some previously unrevealed entities/objects in the game, so you can avoid this if you don’t like spoilers. If you’re not and want more information about Kingdom Tears foaming at the mouth, then check out the link as soon as possible, because it’s possible that these posts will be removed soon.

How u/JustJulienOffic got these images is unclear and pretty obvious. Through the very titles of the posts and some of the responses they have given to commenters, they simply claim that a friend sent them the images, that they are not sure if they are “100% real”, but that they have been friends for a long time and don’t think they will lie to them. When asked how it was done, they vaguely replied that they didn’t know, and that their friend was just sending them images.

A look at the user’s post history confirms that his first Reddit post was four days ago, and that it was in the Tears of the Kingdom subreddit. They published several posts discussing “Hot Takes” and story “Implications” for the upcoming Zelda title. Then, a few days later, they published these leaks. Hot beret post read a lot more like they’re just stating facts about the game, so that’s something you might want to check, because maybe this user knows more than they’re letting on. The individual recently placed a link to the Discord server where they plan to host the rest of the art book images.

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