Red barrels announced it The last tests will launch in early access on Steam and the Epic Games Store on May 18. Although there is little information about the content, the development team released a short teaser dedicated to the performances of its actors.

Players first got access to the closed beta last year when it ran from October 28th to November 1st. Red Barrels found that more than 1 million players had signed up for beta testing, prompting the team to release their long-awaited survival horror into early access by the summer of 2023. Studio co-founder Philip Moren said members provided insightful feedback to improve the game.


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The Outlast Trials tells the exciting story of human guinea pigs who are unwittingly recruited by the Murkoff Corporation to experiment with mind control and brainwashing techniques. Most of these people have lost their minds, instilling fear in the aliens at Mount Massive Asylum, where the player’s journey begins. They will challenge the player’s endurance and common sense in the name of science. If the main character survives long enough to complete the therapy, the Murkoff Corporation will release him to start a new life.

The basic process of the game involves avoiding and running away from atrocities until the therapy is completed. Players can delve into the dark side of the Alyssum Massif on their own, or take on the maniacs with friends in a co-op mode that supports up to four players. In addition, players will use a variety of tools to increase their stealth capabilities and create new ways to get out of difficult positions. They will be able to choose bonuses related to their play style while decorating their chamber as a home. Meanwhile, a series of unethical experiments will change their psyche and behavior.

The Outlast is an indie horror series created by Red Barrels that has gained immense popularity due to its terrifying atmosphere and terrifying scenes. The series has always had simple rules – hide until they find you, then run. There’s also the Whistleblower DLC, which tells the backstory of the atrocities found in the series. It takes place before the events of the first game, showcasing the final chapter in the story of Mount Massive Asylum.

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