Players are almost completely defenseless against enemies in Red Barrels’ The last tests, a classic installment of the franchise. Enemies are encountered during trials and are unique to each available map that players visit during therapy trials. They are incredibly hostile and attack immediately. However, players can gain certain physical abilities, such as gliding, to make it easier to avoid them.

When players start out in the Murkoff Facility, they have few options for dealing with monster-like characters other than running and hiding. Sure, there are environmental benefits like health bottles and batteries, but if players want to improve their character’s movement, they have to take extra steps. This guide tells you how to slide The last tests.


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How to slide in The Outlast Trials

Outlast Trials slide

Gliding is a great way quickly get rid of trouble when he is pursued by the enemy in The last tests. Getting out of sight by diving into a locker or dark room is the best way to survive when solving puzzles in challenges.

To slide in The last testsplayers will have to purchase a Slide recipe from the pharmacy in the sleeping room. The pharmacy is only available to players after they reach the 3rd level of therapy. The therapy level is increased by gaining XP for completing trials. Tests are graded on a scale of F to A+, where F means failure. However, players still earn a small amount of XP even if they fail a mission.

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The Outlast Trials Pharmacy

After reaching level 3, players can talk to Emily and buy a Slide. Prescriptions are purchased based on received tickets by successfully completing the tests. More difficult trials result in more tickets, but the recipe is only worth one ticket each. There are two tiers of recipes, but the second tier is locked until players purchase the entire first tier.

The slide can be found in level one recipes, so players can buy it as soon as they can talk to Emily. When they buy Slide, they automatically get the option to use it with manual input. To activate it, press the crouch button while running to slide across the ground. Other useful recipes increase the strength, speed and stamina that players can purchase once they get more tickets.

The last tests available in Early Access on PC.

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