Joel and Ellie encounter this video game character this Sunday as their spooky winter road trip continues.

The end of us it continues to prove to be one of the greatest adaptations of all time. Week after week, the series based on the video game franchise of the same name breaks hearts and makes everyone cry like a traumatized baby. But if you haven’t played the game, you haven’t seen anything yet. This week’s episode, “When We Need It,” is arguably one of the darkest chapters in the franchise, introducing David (Scott Shepherd). Now co-author Neil Druckman shared a new photo teasing David’s fiery fate.

An image shared on Druckmann’s Twitter account shows a shadowy figure in a burning building. Although it’s not made clear, players know it’s definitely David. In the game David and his team Ellie (Bella Ramsay) meets while looking for food for her and Joel (Pedro Pascal) while Joel recovers from his near-fatal injury. Although David seems cute and harmless at first, you can never trust anyone in this dark world. Without going into spoilers, this is one of the most emotional confrontations in gaming history. Especially considering how it will affect Joel and Ellie’s future journey. Like many things The end of us, it’s footage straight from the game, and Druckmann’s note that “winter is coming” only adds to the eerie mood. It’s been winter for a few episodes, but in this part of the story, the harsh conditions really add to the grim horror of Ellie’s reality. Also, for Joel, this snow-covered inferno leads to one of the scariest chapters The end of us.


Troy Baker’s return to The Last of Us

After unpacking the horror of this episode, the most exciting part of it is that she gets to see Joel’s original voice, Troy Baker, a return to the franchise. as shown in Preview trailer for episode 8, he will be part of David’s team as a new character named James. It will be a much different role than we’re used to seeing from the actor, but Baker is no stranger to villains. Baker has previously voiced the Joker in various projects Batman: Arkham Origins also in Pagan Min Far Cry 4. It will be exciting to see Baker return to the franchise with a completely different perspective. Our last became a franchise based on humanizing villains. It will only continue with David’s team.

Image via HBO

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The end of us Episode 8 “When We Need You” premieres this Sunday, March 5 at 9:00 PM ET on HBO and HBO Max. While you wait for David’s presentation, you can check out the teaser trailer for episode 8 below.