A new Silent Hill movie is getting an exciting filming update, just months after it was confirmed that Return to Silent Hill was in the works.

Just over a decade since the last film came out, it’s fresh Silent Hill the film has received an interesting shooting update. Based on the Konami survival horror video game franchise of the same name, the film franchise first began in 2006 with an adaptation of the same name co-written and directed by Christoph Gans. Although poorly received by critics, its financial success led to a 2012 film sequel. Silent Hill: Revelationit fared even weaker at the box office and in reviews.

A few months after it was first confirmed to be in the works, Submission deadline; termination period made an interesting offer Return to Silent page Hill shooting update. While an exact production window for the next installment in the horror franchise has not been revealed, it has been confirmed that filming has been set for “start soon” About the new film. The report also confirms that producer Victor Hadida is helming the project alongside Molly Hassell, brother of the original film’s producer Samuel, and is currently in international sales.

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Everything we know about Return to Silent Hill

James Sunderland walks the foggy streets of Silent Hill.

Hans discussed his wish the third Silent Hill movie Since 2020, it has been this and a Fatal Frame film adaptation. Last June, Gans suggested a promising update for the film, citing the film’s success Resident Evil 2 The game’s revival inspired Konami to revive the franchise, which was later confirmed in October when the studio announced grand plans for both. Silent Hill 2 game remake and a new film, with Hans returning as co-writer and director.

A previously released video shows Hans and his creative team pulling from the story first Silent Hill 2 for a new plot Silent Hill the film is about a young man who travels to the titular city in search of his lost love. Hans’ original film acted as a somewhat loose interpretation original Silent Hill game, even if it turns the story around to focus on Rose Da Silva, who is in town looking for her missing daughter, rather than Harry Mason. A poorly received second film, Silent Hill: Revelationattempted to bridge this gap by adapting the events of Silent Hill 3 and renaming Sean Bean’s character Harry Mason, although it was still considered too confusing.

Confirmation of this Return to Silent Hill page Filming is set to begin soon, which is an interesting update on its development, as some reports suggest it began production earlier this month. If cameras still start rolling in March, it would be in line with previous reports to wrap it up later this year for an early 2024 release. While the audience wait for further updates about the film, they can watch again Original by Hans Silent Hill Stream on Sling and its continuation on HBO Max.

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