Every week it seems Example Week for Netflix, and we’re not complaining. After the much-awaited animated film announced its debut on the platform this is juneNetflix has more good news for fans: a teaser trailer – the first since the project was announced – will be released tomorrow, and given that June is just around the corner, the teaser will also reveal an exact release date. .

To keep fans waiting for one more day, Netflix dropped another first image from the film. Once again, the image depicts the title character and his sidekick at some point in their journey. However, this time Nimona (voice Chloë Grace Moretz) is watching something burn and is very excited about it. We also get a clearer look at the character’s sharp teeth and ear piercings, as the image brings Nimona closer to us than ever before. Meanwhile, Ballister Blackheart (voiced by Academy Award winner Riz Ahmed) It seems that he was not very interested in what caught Nimona’s attention. He looks far away and his armor and clothes are very green in color, contrasting very well with the surroundings. Zelda: Breath of the Wild scenario.


Example A legend in the making

The trailer for Nimona is highly awaited as this project is a very important milestone. LGBTQIA+ Voices – an animated film produced, designed, voiced and inspired by an extraordinary cast – but only because it’s been in the works for so long. The project was originally acquired from Blue Sky Studios, the animation division of 20th Century Fox. Ice age and Rio. However, after Disney bought Fox, the studio ended and animation projects that Disney didn’t want were canceled.

Fortunately for me ExampleNetflix and Annapurna decided to band together to finance the rest of the production, which by then was almost complete Disney killed it. Now, there’s already a loyal fan base Example For the first time since Netflix acquired it, it will be able to see the story in animated form. There is a fan base because Example based on the author’s popular graphic novel ND Stevenson.

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Image via Netflix

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In addition to Moretz and Ahmed, Nimona also has an incredibly diverse voice cast Eugene Lee Young (Classified), Francis Conroy (American Horror Story), Lorraine Toussaint (Equalizer), RuPaul Charles (RuPaul’s Drag Race), India Moore (Pose) and Saturday Night Live graduates Beck Bennett, Julio Torres and Sarah Sherman. Film director Nick Bruno and Troy Quan (Spies in disguise), and the script is adapted Robert L. Baird (Big hero 6) and Lloyd Taylor (Spies in disguise).

Netflix premieres Example this is june. Stay with Collider to watch the teaser trailer as it drops tomorrow.