Lies of P is coming soon, and ahead of the launch of this dark and confusing adaptation of the Pinocchio tale, two new gameplay videos have been released. In the first video, which is a deep dive into the creation of the game, director Jiwon Choi explains how the project came to be.

According to Choi, developer Round8 Studio wanted to create a game that focused equally on Souls-like combat and story. “In order to make an impressive impression on our players, we felt we had to tell an equally impressive story that would grab their attention,” said Choi. “It occurred to me that we should take a well-known story and turn that story on its head. I chose The Adventures of Pinocchio because it is full of fascinating characters and events. But to make our game unique, we completely recreated the story in a dark and mysterious way. The story is based on Krath, a fictional city affected by the petrification disease.

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This change to the Pinocchio story led to the reimagining of several other characters from the books, one notable example being the four black rabbits. In the original story, the rabbits are undertakers who work to death, but in “P’s Lie” they are reintroduced as a group of killers. As for combat, Choi explained that the studio aimed to create a realistic and detailed action system that exists alongside an in-depth character development system.

Example, Lie P has a weapon combination system that allows you to create new weapon combinations with different functions and characteristics. Since P is a robot puppet, he can also replace and enhance his mechanical Legion arm, which Choi says will make for a “much more dynamic” combat experience. There’s also a P-Organ system that allows for different skills, essentially giving players their own progression tree to invest in and build according to their individual preferences.

As for the actual challenge players can expect, Choi explained that the studio has “minimized all the variables” by removing the difficulty adjustment system. Instead, Lies of P will have multiple difficulty options, and as players grow in strength and skill, they will be able to calibrate the challenge accordingly.

The rest of the video goes into more detail about the art direction chosen for the game, which taps into the rich and stylized golden age of the Bell Epoque, but adds a dark touch to that aesthetic. You can also get a preview of the technology used to create the game, as the game engine supports Nividia’s DLSS and AMD’s FidelityFX Super Resolution.

In the second video, you can also get more information about one of the characters you will meet in the game, Sofia. Voiced by Allegra Marland (The Crown), Sophia is described as a guide who feeds P information to help him on his journey. While Sophia is based on the Blue Fairy character from the Pinocchio stories, she has more “angelic” and “goddess” qualities, according to Marland.

Lies of P is scheduled for release on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S in 2023, and as announced at Gamescom, it will also included in Xbox Game Pass.

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