AND Fate 2 A Lightfall sparrow story entry contains a Morse code message that most likely came from a familiar NPC, astute players in the popular FPS game. The character also appears in the game’s newest story mission.

The Morse code message on the exotic sparrows’ Inside Line tab translates to “NETWORK IDIOTS STILL ALIVE.” While the game doesn’t directly tell players who shared the message, the wording is reminiscent of a character who has been MIA for over two years.

While new players may not be familiar with grumpy explorer Asher Meer, veterans were excited to hear about his possible return to space game. The message reflects what Asher would have said, and his last known location prior to Lightfall was that he was immersed in a body of radiolarian liquid Vex just before Io and several other celestial bodies disappeared from the game. In addition, it was previously known that Usher communicates in Morse code.

It is implied that Asher, whose hand was transformed into Vex’s after being captured by Vex’s enemies long ago, survived the Vex web. This network can be compared to a metaverse, as it can exist as an avatar or in the space between technology and the real world. The Vex themselves are living creatures, despite being robotic in form as well.

Usher’s form also appears in the new mission Partition: Hard Reset, which is part of a series of new tasks and quests in Season of Defiance. It’s unclear what role he’ll play in the season’s storyline, but players shared their excitement when they saw Asher’s resemblance again. Here’s a video of him appearing in a mission.

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The reference to “idiot children” may refer to the Inside Line story entry, which tells a relatively mundane story about two children contacting each other through radio signals in Neomoon. This would suggest that perhaps Usher is trying to communicate with them, but they are missing his message.

Players can obtain the Inside Line Exotic Sparrow as part of the game’s Season 20 Pass reward. Notably, the mission also contains areas where players must use their sparrows, which has led to some players calling for the return of the Sparrow League. An event from the original Destiny game, the Sparrow Racing League, involved Guardians competing against each other in sparrow races, and it was a favorite among players.

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