Transformers: The Last Knight star Isabela Merced will star in Disney’s new Alien movie, with the actor joining director Fede Alvarez on the project.

new A foreigner Added Disney’s 20th Century Studios Transformers: The Last Knight Star Isabela Merced has joined the cast in the latest update for the upcoming film. Currently in development under working title Alien: Romulusthe newest installment in the long-running sci-fi franchise is directed by Fede Alvarez, the director behind the 2013 films. Evil Dead processing. previously, Pacific Rim: Uprising actor It has been announced that Cailee Spaeny is in talks to star as the film’s new host.


A new report from Submission deadline; termination period Merced reveals she has joined the cast in an undisclosed role. Details regarding Alvarez’s film are scarce, but it’s expected to be iconic Alien beings called Xenomorphs continues to play a major role in his recent performances. Previous posts also indicate that this is new A foreigner the film follows last year’s footsteps Beast prequel Baitand is likewise slated for exclusive release on Hulu.

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Here’s what the future of Alien looks like under Disney


Before Alvarez was given the green light to proceed with his intention A foreigner The story, the audience received an almost completely different continuation of the franchise. Long before Disney bought 20th Century Fox and with it A foreigner franchise, several attempts have been made to put potential Foreigner 5 together. Most of these efforts were also around possession Sigourney Weaver returns as Ellen Ripley in one form or another. In addition, Ridley Scott, the creator of the original franchise, also had plans for a third prequel film that would follow the events. Alien: Covenant.

Following 20th Century Fox’s acquisition in 2019, those original plans appear to have stalled in development. Instead, Disney decided to take on the property anew, offering a new story featuring Alvarez’s entirely unique characters. Also, this new entry does not tie in with any of the previous films in the franchise and acts as a soft reboot for the property.

In addition to Alvarez’s film, Disney also plans to bring the franchise to the world of streaming television. A prequel series in the lead up Fargo creator Noah Hawley is still in development and is expected to focus on the Weyland-Yutani Corporation, which featured heavily in the original films. The filming of the series is also expected to begin this year. Viewers can expect to see more A foreigner will be released in the near future.

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