IO Interactive is ramping up production on the original online game, and it appears to be stylistically different from the studio’s usual product.

IO Interactive recently announced that it’s working on a new fantasy IP, which appears to be big news for the famous hitman the developer Over the years, fans have been familiar with its particular brand of third-person gameplay that encourages creative problem-solving. This formula has become a powerful hook for IO’s assassin-centric games, but while little is known about his next project, fans IO Interactive may be surprised by the direction the team has taken.


Operating under the codename “Project Fantasy,” IO Interactive is moving away from the stealth genre to create an experience that leans more towards swords and sorcery. Coupled with the fact that Project Fantasy will be an online title, announcement of a fantasy RPG from IO Interactive Surprisingly, this could be the studio’s logical evolution in using social gameplay inspired by tabletop adventures.

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The future ambitions of Project Fantasy and IO Interactive

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Last year, it was mentioned in the annual financial report IO Interactive’s next games were still years away, so it will be some time before Project Fantasy fully materializes. The company has now revealed some of its high-profile targets for this original intellectual property. His press release following the project’s announcement discussed the team’s long-standing appreciation for gamebooks and role-playing campaigns that combine storytelling, imagination, and player choice.

Choice is a constant theme in IO Interactive’s previous titles, even if the gameplay has dark, action-oriented tones. A pioneer of the shooter genre, more interested in precision than raw destruction hitman The franchise has provided players with a combination of tactical options, tools and disguises to assassinate targets in many different scenarios. One of the biggest questions is how such choices can translate into what appears to be a permanent online fantasy universe. Project Fantasy represents a new genre for the studio that is hard to imagine in comparison a game with such a bloodthirsty hero as Agent 47.

How Project Fantasy compares to other interactive IO games

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Going from Agent 47 to animated wizards is a real departure, but it could be a creatively healthy move for a studio that isn’t afraid to challenge themselves. Initial IO concept art shows a fantasy environment with party members gathering together under a burning star, including what appears to be a dwarven warrior, an elven adventurer, and a scholarly mage. These character definitions are subject to change during development, as most of the setting remains a mystery. However, Project Fantasy looks like it will have a colorful presentation in the early stages, and it will likely be a contrast style of IO Interactive Project 007 the same.

Project Fantasy is unexpected and intriguing. It has been defined as an online role-playing game, but the exact scope of the project is currently unknown. IO Interactive could support this as a smaller live service title, or it could aim for an experience more comparable to They love MMORPGs World of Warcraft. Either way, the above tabletop influences demonstrate the team’s passion for co-op settings and player-driven adventures in far-flung realms, giving Project Fantasy the potential to integrate sandbox elements with IO Interactive‘s hitman series in a whole new context – possibly including multiplayer heroics that extend into the living world.

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