“I can do it all daaaaaaaayyyyy!”

The Disneyland Resort has teased that a short one-act version of the film has appeared Rogers: Musical For a limited time this summer, Disney is coming to the Hyperion Theater at California Adventure Park. The resort posted a teaser TikTok, captioned: “The Timeless Story of an Unsung Hero!” In the short clip, we see Peggy Carter posing with Hyperion Playbill Rogers: Musical as he walked towards the theater.

Rogers: Musical first debuted as a Disney+ series Hawkeye, Clint Barton in New York with his kids for Christmas. From the small glimpse we’ve seen of the series, it’s been revealed that all of the main Avengers — the Hulk, Captain America, Black Widow, Iron Man, Thor, and a reinterpretation of Hawkeye — are part of the musical, which tells the story of the battle. New York versus Loki and the Chituari army. Clint wasn’t too happy with the musical because it reminded him of Natasha and pointed out that it featured Ant-Man, who wasn’t part of the group yet. It will be interesting to know if Ant-Man will be a part of the upcoming musical.

Since then, the musical has officially been a part of the MCU canon and has been featured several times in features such as its poster. Spider-Man: No Way Home (on a billboard) and Doctor Strange is a universe full of madness (poster). The idea of ​​adding Scott Lang was Marvel Studio’s own and Hawkeye pointer Jonathan Needle I felt that this was the opposite of “there’s always something a little off or a stretch of truth” in these adaptations. Originally, the musical was supposed to be a background element of the Disney+ series, but when the idea took shape, Marvel balked. Kevin Feige suggested Broadway veteran Mark Shaiman developing it for the series. Fans had a feeling that sooner or later we would have a live version of the musical.

Image via Disney+

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The MCU is always looking for some element that can translate to Disneyland to make the magic of the movie real. From Avengers Tower to Kang, key elements of the MCU can be found at Disneyland’s Avengers Campus, connecting fans deeper with their favorite franchises. Fans of the series and World’s Mightiest Heroes will love this new limited-time addition on their next visit to Disneyland.

There’s no official date yet for when the musical will arrive at the park, but more information should be released soon. Watch this space for further developments and you’ll be watching the musical Hawkeye the following series: