A little over a month after hitting theaters, The The movie Super Mario Bros. is now available watch without leaving home. The movie can be rented or bought from Prime Video and other digital stores. If you shop at Gruv, you can get the 4K UHD version for $24 with promo code SIGNUP20. If this code doesn’t work for you, try HAPPYANNY15 to bring the price down to $25.49 (p/t Wario64).

On Amazon, you can buy a movie in any format (UHD, HD, standard) for $30. Because Movies Anywhere supports the title, you’ll be able to watch it on all your devices. There is a rental option, but you’ll only save five dollars by going that route. Prime Video’s rental policy gives you 30 days to start watching and 48 hours to finish a movie once you’ve started.

It’s worth noting that Peacock will likely have the film in August, as all of Universal’s films have been added to the streaming service for four months his theatrical debut. But if you’re looking to grab a movie for your home theater as soon as it’s available, be sure to check out Amazon’s movies page.

Unsurprisingly, Super Mario Bros. has broken several records within weeks of its release in theaters, including exceeding 1 billion dollars sales and claims to be the highest-grossing video game film of all time. However, reviews of the film were mixed, with his Metacritic a score of only 46. But despite poor reviews from critics, the film became an absolute hit among moviegoers, receiving an 8.6 user rating on Metacritic.

If you want to add it to your physical collection, the Blu-ray will likely be released in early July (check out our big Super Mario Bros. pre-order guide for more detailed information). All Blu-ray editions also come with a digital copy.

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