It’s been over a year since the MCU Moon Knight the show was released on Disney+, but the character’s future became even more confusing. Stephen Grant and Mark Spector as Oscar Isaac explore the true depths of their shared psyche and identity breakdown while also doing justice as the Fist of Honshu. However, by the end of the series there was plenty of room for more adventures.


Working together and saving the world from the goddess Ammitt and her avatar, Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawke), Steven and Mark team up as Moon Knight, allying with Mark’s wife. Laila El-Fauli, who became the Red Scarab, an avatar for the goddess Taweret in the latter part. Along with new secrets of a third and far more violent transformation unknown to Mark and Steven, Moon Knight Of course, there are narratives that could be told in the future, but the fact that a second season hasn’t been confirmed or anything related to Moon Knight’s future in the MCU has made things even more confusing.

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Moon Knight’s MCU status has been uncertain for over a year

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By the way, Moon Knight originally listed as a limited MCU series, Oscar Isaac was only signed on for one season. However, the set-up and cliffhanger shown in the last episode reveal the dawn of the Scarlet Scarab for a second season and that’s it. Moon Knight’s third persona is Jake Lockley from the comics also exists in the MCU (secretly serving the moon god Honshu). Also, Oscar Isaac expressed his desire to revisit Moon Knight in the future.

Amazingly, Marvel hasn’t even hinted at another one in over a year Moon Knight project, even with the teases contained in the last part. It’s definitely a very strange way to handle what was already a very well-received and popular character in Marvel’s Phase 4. One would think that Marvel Studios would have announced something more specific by now.

Moon Knight’s Layla reportedly has a big MCU future

Moon Knight Ending Explained Layla Super Hero Scarlet Scarab

Interestingly, Marvel actress May Kalamavi is rumored to be planning to continue playing Lily and her new Scarlet Scarab. Submission deadline; termination period. While this is very exciting, it is unclear whether this potential is in context Moon Knight Season 2 or something like a Marvel Studios special A wolf at night. This could also be a hint at Marvel’s plans to feature Layla in their upcoming crossover films, e.g. Avengers: Age of Ultron and/or Avengers: Secret Wars.

Meanwhile, everything has been quiet about what the MCU has in store for Moon Knight. One can imagine that Layla and Mark will continue to work together Moon Knight Season 1. That said, the Scarlet Scarab could lead her own project in the MCU, even if Moon Knight isn’t involved in anything Marvel has planned for the foreseeable future for whatever reason.

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Moon Knight’s absence represents a larger MCU problem

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The confusion and uncertainty surrounding Moon Knight’s future is indicative of a bigger problem for the MCU. It’s no secret that Marvel’s Phase 4 was all over the place in terms of how many new characters and storylines were introduced in such a short amount of time. In between, not much has been done to give the audience an idea of ​​where or when certain characters will reappear and what the future holds.

Moon Knight isn’t the only one with an uncertain future in Stage 4. Most of the newly introduced characters were essentially neglected, no doubt ready to be used in crossovers (though very few specifics were given). One notable exception would be Ms. Marvel, her upcoming role Miracles was clearly set to the end of his show.

Will Moon Knight reappear in the MCU?

Marvel hints at the future of Moon Knight's Avengers

After all, there’s a strong possibility that a popular character like Moon Knight will reappear in the MCU. Oscar Isaac was intrigued and confirmed that he was Talks with Marvel about the future of Moon Knight. As he continues to function as an influential vigilante in the MCU, it’s clear that more can and should be told about his story. The problem is that there is no word yet on when and where it will appear again.

It causes some role to play Kang dynasty or Secret Wars Could be in the works for Moon Knight. Regardless, it would be a huge waste for Marvel Studios to never see Mark Spector and Stephen Grant in the MCU after one limited series. Also, its crossover potential with solo characters could be very appealing.

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Which MCU projects Moon Knight might appear in next?

Every upcoming MCU project can appear in Moon Knight Blade Daredevil SR

Moon Knight Season 2 would be the most obvious and hoped-for choice for Spector’s next appearance in the MCU. However, it would also make sense for a series like that Daredevil: Reborn. Spector and Matt Murdock have a history in the comics, and both are street-level heroes who carry out the same level of violence while dispensing justice. They also have a shared gift of turning what some might see as inherent challenges (blindness and DID) and instead turn them into an inspirational force.

Moon Knight also fits perfectly Knife It stars Mahershala Ali in the lead role. Inside, the jackal fought against the monsters Moon Knight With his history of encountering the supernatural in the comics, Mark Spector could be a good fit as Blade the Vampire Hunter’s ally. In any case, despite Marvel Studios offering so little in the year since the series’ release on Disney+, it’s doubtful that Mark Spector and Stephen Grant’s Moon Knight still has a future in the MCU.

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