Tom Holland’s Peter Parker is hunted by Kraven in the Marvel Cinematic Universe Spiderman 4 fan poster. Holland will return for at least one more solo film in the MCU, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige has confirmed Spiderman 4the story of already installed. With the actor soon to return as his wall-mounted player version, fans began to imagine what the next chapter of Peter Parker’s MCU journey could hold.


On Instagram, the artist SPIDEY VEGAS shared their views on what Spiderman 4 could be about, with a fan poster with the movie title Spider-Man: Kraven’s Last Hunt.

The fan poster draws inspiration from some of the most beloved Spider-Man comic book stories that see Kraven hunt down the hero, shoot him, bury Peter, and then don the Spider-Man suit to prove he’s better than the hero.

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Could Kraven the Hunter be in Tom Holland’s Spider-Man 4?

A montage of Kraven the Hunter, Tom Holland as Spider-Man, and Aaron Taylor Johnson as Quicksilver.

Spider-Man’s villain will soon be in the spotlight, with Aaron Taylor-Johnson in the lead in October. Kraven the Hunter movie For Sony. The movie is not set in the MCU, but in Sony’s Spider-Man universe. This makes sense because Taylor-Johnson played Quicksilver for Marvel Studios, who died trying to save Scarlet Witch’s brother Hawkeye. Avengers: Age of Ultron. Including Kraven Spiderman 4 Because of this, it can be difficult, because the audience may have a problem with the return of Taylor-Johnson as a different character.

While that may be the case, the multiverse will allow Taylor-Johnson’s version of Kraven to make the jump to the MCU. Marvel is currently going through its own Multiverse Saga, with characters like Loki and Spider-Man themselves seeing multiple actors portray them in the MCU. Multiverse even allowed Tom Hardy’s Venom to cross over from the SSU to the MCU, even though the character only appeared in the MCU for a very short time. Poison: Let it be murder and Spider-Man: No Way Homethe post-credits scenes of.

Taylor-Johnson could replicate Hardy’s experience, only Craven could play a bigger role in it Spiderman 4. Spider-Man: No Way HomeIn the end, Dutch Peter Parker is completely alone, his Aunt May is dead, and all his friends have forgotten his existence thanks to Doctor Strange’s magic to fix the multiverse. Peter is currently in a very dark corner in the MCU, which makes it a perfect time to adapt Kraven’s violent and sad Last Hunt story. Peter was hunted across New York by the killer Kraven and had no one to turn to for help. Spiderman 4 an unmissable movie.

Source: SPIDEY VEGAS/Instagram

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