Massive-Verse comes together once again! This was recently announced by Image Comics Supermassive 2023 this may come! Inferno Girl Red doesn’t look like it’s going to make it this year, but Dead Lucky will star alongside Radiant Black and Rogue Sun. There will be 50 pages as a one-shot crossover written by Supermassive 2023 Kyle Higgins (Bright black), Ryan Parrott (Fake sun), Melissa Flores (Dead lucky), and Mat Kuyov (Red Hell Girl) with art by Daniele Di Niccolo and Walter Baiamonte.

The door opened. Behind him lies the Holy Grail. Yes, it’s the Holy Grail. But why are Radiant Black, Rogue Sun and The Dead Lucky so desperate to get their hands on everything, and who is the mysterious woman standing in their way?

I’m so excited and it makes me want to rush out and get my hands on all of these comics. Yes, I know that Supermassive 2023 it will be a one-off that doesn’t require me to read everything before it, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to. Speaking about the project, the writers shared the following statement:

The first Supermassive ignited this shared universe, but now that our entire series is in motion, Supermassive 2023 feels like the Massive-Verse at its best. A variety of characters with wildly different personalities and motivations, each with their own history, collide in the pressure cooker. It was a lot of fun to write, and bringing Daniele Di Niccuolo and Walter Baiamonte to the team was important, as their work has been a big inspiration for this venture since the beginning.

You can read Supermassive 2023 on May 24 and check out the preview below.