The death date for our 828 passengers is approaching ManifestoThe latest episodes of . The NBC-turned-Netflix series will end this June. After a turbulent three and a half seasons, Ben Stone (Josh Dallas) and his family face a threat to end all threats: the end of the world. What else do viewers have to wait to see? Season 4 Episode 2 In store, the recently revealed episode titles give another small taste of what to expect.

Similar to past episodes, several of the titles of Season 4 Episode 2 often refer to terminology related to aircraft while they are in active flight, or to terms that refer to aircraft and flight in general. While the headlines don’t give much away, there are a few clues we can glean from them.


The titles “Final Descent,” “Plane,” “Fata Morgana” and “Final Boarding” are more than what we know about the show so far. The first and last titles seem to be teasing a full-circle moment, perhaps The Final Descendant referring to signs central predicament and “Final Board” to make fun of the ominous, a last ditch effort to save the world. Also, “Final Board” sounds like a bit of a lift, as the characters “fly” for the last time.

The manifesto shows a man sitting next to a young child on a plane.

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“Ghost Plane” and “Fata Morgana” sit on the corresponding frequency. The latter is a type of mirage created by atmospheric refraction. Think floating ships and buildings that don’t really exist. An event They may refer, in particular, to The Ghost Plane, the mysterious disappearance and reappearance … and disappearance of Captain Daly (Frank Deal) plane, an incident of which fragments are still missing. It can also be a mirage a type of call or message from what we know now Divine Consciousness.

Manifesto Season 4 Episode 2 Closes Viewers

Despite the apocalyptic stakes Manifesto it’s not over without clear answers. Collider when Maggie Lovett Talked to Dallas about the show, he shared that the audience will end with the 2nd episode. He said: “Everything will be connected and all your questions will be answered, including the biggest question. What happened to the passengers on flight 828? ” Final episodes too “focus on the signs and their journey through this crazy thing that happened to them” to the end.

Manifesto Season 4 Episode 2 arrives on Netflix on June 2nd. Check out the official synopsis, episode titles, and full interview with Dallas below:

  • Chapter 411: “The Final Fall”
  • Chapter 412: “Bug Out”
  • Chapter 413: “Ghost Plane”
  • Chapter 414: “Fata Morgana”
  • Chapter 415: “Throttle”
  • Chapter 416: “Furball”
  • Chapter 417: “The Threshold”
  • Chapter 418: “Lift / Pull”
  • Chapter 419: “Formation”
  • Chapter 420: “The Final Board”

“After Angelina causes a catastrophic volcanic eruption, passengers face intense scrutiny in a world full of 828er hate, who can no longer handle their calls without the constant supervision of an unscrupulous 828 registry. A mysterious accident is fatal. issues warnings. The scale of the Bible further threatens the lives of all passengers. As Michaela grieves the loss of her beloved husband, Zeke, she must find new ways to investigate the calls with her old flame, Jared. Meanwhile, Ben and Saanvi try to work together. Ro’ registration office staff, which only leads to dire consequences for the passengers. Miraculously, the mythological event reactivates Cal’s sapphire-filled dragon scar, giving the 828ers a glimmer of hope to survive the fast-approaching Doomsday. presents. But Angelina’s abominable ruby ​​powers persist. “The devastation that will lead to the battle between good and evil until the last day in the most terrifying, exciting and joyful chapter of the Manifesto story.”