Mandalorian Season 3 just premiered, and it’s sure to be an exciting start to what’s sure to be a great new season in the franchise! What I’m interested in is how he handles the absence Gina Carano‘s Cara Dune, and they jumped right in to reveal what she was up to.

Dune last worked with him as Marshal Navarro Carl WeathersGreef Garga. When Dean Djarin (Pedro Pascal) arrives at Navarro in the premiere episode, where Karga tells Djarin that the New Republic has recruited Dune for a special forces unit and that he has left the planet. So Karga offered Djarin his job, which he declined because he had other things to do.

However, this means that Cara Dune is still alive and well Star Wars universe. Now there is a possibility that the character will return, but if she does, she will be played by a different actress. Dave Filoni The character, who was previously teased about a possible appearance at the end of season 3, said:

“It’s a big galaxy and we have a lot of characters. A lot of characters are fighting for their screen time, we’ll just have to see what adventures unfold in the season, but it’s a great character, very important to Dean. Djarin’s beginning; we’ll see if he develops further. Now Season 3 is mostly about the Mandalorians and the Mandalorian saga, The Mandalorian Tale. (Here) Since Bo-Katan, he meets a variety of characters, (they’re) going to get a lot more. The popularity of where her arc is going is her and Grogu’s story.”

It will be interesting to see if Cara Dune returns to the series, and if she does, who will be cast as Gina Carano’s replacement.