The series directed by Pedro Pascal is back for its third season.

To celebrate the premiere of the third season MandalorianLucasfilm has released two new posters for the show starring Dean Djarin Pedro Pascal) and Bo-Katan Krize (Keith Sackhoff). The heroes are seen divided by Darksaber’s blade, with Grogu on Djarin’s side. The images may show how Djarin and Kryz, although both Mandalorians, differ in the philosophies their people should live by. Kryze was a member of the Mandalorian royal family before the planet was destroyed by the Empire, and the series’ protagonist was raised in a cult that followed a very specific set of rules.

According to Mandalorian culture, whoever wields the sword is the rightful ruler of Mandalore. As Bo-Katan is determined to restore his civilization to its former glory, he aims to obtain a legendary weapon to lead his people to a better future. But what he didn’t expect was Djarin taking the Darksaber from the hands of the evil Moff Gideon (Giancarlo Esposito) in the show’s second season. Despite having Bo-Katan and a friendly Mandalorian ally, the Darksaber can only change hands when he wins a battle, meaning Kryze must choose between his desire to rule Mandalore or his respect for Djaring.

Behind the scenes Mandalorian

In the interview With Collider Steve Weintraubdirector Rick Famuyiwa discussed his experience working on the show’s third season. Famuyiwa has been involved with Dean Djarin’s story since the first season premiered in 2019. The director talked about how everyone knows what their role is, considering that the team is working on the series for the third time. confident, fluid and not afraid to go in new directions. Famuyiwa also teased that the third season will focus more on wrapping up plot lines from previous episodes instead of planting seeds for what’s to come.

Bo Catan
Bo Catan The Mandalorian, Star Wars

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Weintraub also sat down An interview with the Mandalorian himself, Pedro Pascal. The actor was eager to talk about post-production Mandalorian differs from other shows in that the main character wears a helmet. This gives the team plenty of opportunities to re-record material and add audio after the episodes are shot, making production more flexible. Pascal also said that while the third season will surprise viewers in a different way than its predecessors, it will give viewers a lot to talk about in time.

You can see new posters Mandalorian below: