A video documentary from Sega and Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio reveals that the main story of the upcoming game Like a Dragon 8 has been recorded.

Director of the future Like a dragon 8 reveals that the entire main story of the game was recorded in a video released by Sega. Like a dragon 8 is the sequel to the seventh main game in the series, Yakuza: Like a dragon, based on the protagonist Ichiban Kasuga. Not only that, alongside Kasuga will be Kazuma Kiryu, who has returned as the game’s second hero, keeping the same Dragon QuestRPG-style role-playing battles that fans were introduced to in the seventh game. Not much is known about the eighth game at this time, although the director revealed that the main story of the game has already been written.


This was revealed in a three-part documentary series created by Sega called “Behind the Scenes of Like a Dragon” and published on the company’s official YouTube channel. It revealed things like carved character with Like a Dragon: Ishin remake and motion recording and capture process for Like a dragon 8. The third and final episode covered the preparations for the RGG Summit 2022, which featured three Like a dragon games, including the eighth core game, with commentary from the director indicating how far along they were in development at the time.

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The video shows a segment where series director Masayoshi Yokoyama was waiting for the RGG Summit to begin, and he commented on his own excitement, noting that the team still has a lot to do open for Like a dragon 8. He notes that speakers will probably want to talk about the game because everyone knows the entire history of the game Like a dragon 8 and would be too nervous to even speak on stage. Yokoyama also tells the interviewer off-screen that they have finished recording the game’s main story events and big cutscenes, including the game’s ending.

The documentary also covered several events that took place after the RGG Summit, such as a celebration party that even had a dance mix memetically known Like a dragon song “Baka Mitai”. The documentary also highlighted the reception to Like a Dragon: Ishin remake at the Tokyo Game Show, and many are excited about the game and its future Like a dragon 8.

The documentaries also ended with a short out-of-context cut-scene showing, such as Kasuga catching a bill from a fountain or meeting an acquaintance Yakuza: Like a dragon party members Saeko, Nanba and Adachi. With the game expected to release next year, the fact that the entire core story has been written down should be a good sign Like a dragon fans

Like a dragon 8 coming to PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S in 2024.

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