Fri. Nov 25th, 2022

Hinterland Studio’s superb snowy survival adventure The Long Dark is getting its first paid expansion on December 5th, and ahead of the release, the developer has detailed everything it will bring.

Tales from the Far Territory, as the new expansion is known, comes out in six parts over the course of 12 months, each of which appears approximately every 8-10 weeks. All six installments will focus on the much-loved The Long Dark survival mode, but there are narrative elements to it, and Hinterland calls the entire series a “campaign.”

Exactly what and when is currently unclear, but Hinterland has now detailed all of the major features it will introduce in Survival Mode throughout the expansion. For example, there are three new areas – Abandoned Airfield, Industrial Mine and Mountain Pass – all of which are accessible through the Far Range branch and the transit node.

Here’s a taste of The Long Dark’s Tales from the Far Territory expansion.

Tales from the Far Territory also adds a host of new gameplay elements, starting with the shimmering fog, a mysterious phenomenon that can charge the air and ground with electrostatic energy. There’s also a new handheld shortwave capable of picking up normally unavailable supply or location signals during Aurora or Flickering Fog, as well as a new Insomnia ailment.

Players can also build themselves a travoua, which is used to transport large amounts of supplies over long distances, albeit at the expense of mobility, or find a vendor that specializes in rare goods and information. You can even organize and decorate your favorite safe house interiors.

The new wildlife includes the partridge, a winter bird that serves as a source of both food and crafting feathers, and a deadly cougar, referred to by players as “the greatest enemy”.

Survivors can also unlock unique custom versions of existing in-game items found in nooks and crannies of the world, or use the new photo mode. Interestingly, this gives a bit of a twist in the universe where players need to use chemicals in a dark room to process their own movie.

All this will be accompanied by three story stories that detail the territory’s mysterious past. Each of these will have their own playable objectives tied to the storyline found in the highly anticipated final episode of The Long Dark’s Wintermute campaign.

In addition to Tales from the Far Territory, Hinterland is working on a number of new features for all players to come as free updates along with various expansion content. These include new spawn points for players (designed to restore the feeling of being “lost” at the start of a new game), as well as updated wildlife spawn locations, as well as updated loot and item placement tables.

Players will also be able to find notes under car visors containing useful information, craft fire-tempered arrows, collect acorns to make invigorating coffee-like drinks and flour, and collect burdock to dry and brew medicinal teas.

In addition, there will be new first-person harvesting animations, as well as improved fishing and beach combing, makeshift cats, a new insulated flask, and the introduction of female deer to the list of wild animals. Players can also look forward to the final part of The Long Dark’s Hunted challenge and visual enhancements for Xbox X/S, PlayStation 5 and high-end PC.

Hinterland will share a more specific release schedule at a later date, but those interested in purchasing the Tales from the Far Territory expansion pass can do so starting Monday, December 5 on PC, with a console release due in “early” 2023. It will initially cost $19.99, but this price will increase as more content is added over the course of 12 months. Expect it to rise to $24.99 in the middle and $29.99 when everything is available.