Little mermaid Director Rob Marshall has revealed a new original song that will be featured in the upcoming live-action remake of Disney’s 1989 animated classic. In the film, Halle Bailey stars as Ariel, a young mermaid who makes a pact with the sea witch Ursula to become human in order to explore the world beyond the ocean. Trailers for the film show performances of classic songs from the original, including “Part of Your World.”


talk to EmpireMarshall explained it original song for Little mermaid It’s called “The First Time”. He explained the song’s purpose in the film, including how it would feature Ariel landing head first with her new legs. Check out Marshall’s full statement (as well as a new photo of Bailey as Ariel) below:

This is about what he experienced when he landed. We had to create a figure that could almost function as a montage, so we had to put him through this experience – going on land, wearing shoes, having legs.

Anyone with a different experience is wonderful and scary at the same time.

Halle Bailey

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How the new song gives The Little Mermaid its own identity

Halle Bailey

The is a live action remake Little mermaid The introduction of the new song highlights that the film is not only trying to retell the classic story of Ariel, but to stand as an enjoyable film in its own right. The film will not only feature Alan Menken’s original score from 1989, but also original songs such as “The First Time”. Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda. Along with new songs Little mermaidThe original 1989 soundtrack means the film can build on the original film’s foundation in retelling Ariel’s story.

The addition of the “first time” could give the audience a deeper understanding of Ariel’s time on land and all the little things that make her life as a mermaid different. Marshall highlights the new musical number by teasing that he will perform the song through a montage Ariel’s importance in development as he explores the world. The announcement of the song might not even be the last original score for the film, which means we’re in for more surprises. Little mermaid fans when the movie hits theaters.

These new songs show just that Little mermaid‘s live-action remake will embrace its own personality, the announcement of The First Time means that the film’s plot will change significantly from the original animated classic. However, her inclusion highlights more development for Ariel throughout the film, indicating that many new scenes and other songs can be expected. Little mermaid forming To be another memorable Disney live-action remake and capture the magic of the original while trying something new.

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Source: Empire