I’ve been playing The Legend Of Zelda: Tears Of the Kingdom a lot this week. It’s good. Really good. I know you’ve all been waiting for your favorite PC gaming website to offer their take on this. That’s right, very good. The best open world adventure since Elden Ringexcept that it’s probably better because it doesn’t pull up your pants or highlight the color of your underwear every time you venture out to explore the woods or watch the sunset.

As you’ve probably seen, the game’s biggest new draw is the Ultra Arm, which allows Link to pick up loose objects and glue them together. A raft is made from three logs. A board and four wheels make a car. Two stones and a log form… Ahem. You got it. Added to this are the “Zonai Devices”, the components that give life and movement to your douhiki. A fan pushes your raft across the lake. Steering allows you to maneuver your little car. It’s an amazing build that uses the existing physics engine used in the game’s predecessor, Breath Of The Wild, to impressive results. Does this all sound familiar?