Bungie is almost ready to release Season of the Deep for Fate 2, and the community is eager to find out what the game’s next big batch of seasonal content might have in store for them, but the leaker now claims that things might be a little weirder than expected. Although Fate is one of the most successful live service offerings on the market, the community has been complaining for some time that things are getting old.

Season of the Deep brings a number of good changes. Example, Fate 2Season 21 reduces the grind in the endgame with a measurable advantage, which is great news for veteran players. However, it’s easy to argue that updating the core economy isn’t a game-cycle change that will occupy the player base for a long period of time.


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With that in mind, a Fate 2 now the leaker claims that Season 21 will introduce fishing to the game. Discord leaker Liz, whose information has sometimes been accurate in the past, has put together a list of the content they say will make it to the game in Season of the Deep, and highlights include several unique seasonal events, a submarine on Titan, three new unique types of exotic weapons and much more. However, everything but the fishing seems to be standard fare Fatebut Liz claims that players will be able to fish on Titan and then put whatever they catch into an aquarium at the HELM base.

Fate 2Season of the Deep is crucial in the grand scheme of things, as expectations are extremely high after the game’s critically acclaimed release Fall of light DLC and the 20th season itself. With a new dungeon set to launch alongside Season 21, the player base will surely have enough new content to keep them going for a while, but if Liz is right and Bungie wants to introduce unfamiliar features like fishing into the mix, it could certainly liven things up in the long run.

It’s too early to say whether Liz was right or wrong, but it goes without saying that no one expects to see a real fishing feature in Fate. The stuff Bungie has already revealed for Season of the Deep is the standard goodies. Fate 2new underwater locationthe armor and weapons don’t stand out as being too original, but if adding a fisherman was ever on the list, it’s likely to happen during a water-themed season.

With that in mind, players should take Liz’s origins with a grain of salt, and it might be worth seeing what else Bungie has in store for Season of the Deep in general. Fate 2Season 21 has some controversial changes in tow, and the game will potentially flirt with actual pay-to-win features in the near future. Only time will tell, but with Season 21 scheduled for May 22nd, it won’t be a long wait.

Fate 2 available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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